Sexy shoes

She loves sexy shoes.

Why are shoes sexy? It must be different for every woman. One may find a high heeled sandal sexy, the other might only prefer pumps. Yet another might rather wear a high heel, the other lower. Whatever makes a woman feel sexy and pretty can be described as sexy. So when does she think that a shoe is sexy?

A high heel, preferably one she can at least walk on, feels sexy to her. A pretty color on her feet, matching the clothes she wars, feels sexy to her. A ‘naughty’ shoe – something you won’t wear to your work for example – feels sexy to her. Black and red shoes, whether combined or just one color, feel sexy when she wears it. But what she really loves the most is when shoes have a thin band around her ankle. Somehow the thin strap around her ankle just has a sexy feel to it. It can be because she likes to accentuate her ankles, but she thinks that the real reason is that she likes to submit herself. Not to everyone of course…


Something else she loves and which she still wants is thigh-high boots. The idea of wearing these boots with a short skirt, stockings and no panties really excites her. In the past year she and her husband went to a shoe shop and she bought herself boots that end just above her knee. In these boots she also feels sexy, but she still wants boots that cover her thighs too. She can just imagine herself walking in a public area wearing a short skirt and her boots. There is a place where she can imagine herself wearing just that: a sex show that comes to the country once a year. Likeminded people go there… you can watch and be watched.

But that is something for another post. For now she wants to dream about her thigh-high boots, her short skirt and no panties.

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