Love chair

Many, many months ago she was surfing the internet for some sexy additions to her life. Sexy additions are important to her. Whether it’s sexy clothes, sex toys or a simple porn movie – she loves to have exciting things to use. Then again, she does not always use them. She can just as fine have sex in the dark, not seeing anything but surrender to the hands of her husband.

Okay, so when she was surfing the internet that many months ago, she happened to stumble over a love chair. She just loved what she saw and she immediately wanted it. So said, so done! Not long after they were the proud owners of a bright pink love chair and she could not wait to use it.

Unfortunately now, months later, they have still not used the chair. Soon, soon they want to use it. And in the meantime she is having fantasies about it. She can hardly wait to have some pix made when she is ‘using’ the love chair. She thinks that the bright pink of the chair will make lovely pictures. Pictures with bright colors tend to be more liked than pictures with duller colors. But not only is she interested in the colors. She wonders how it would feel to have the dildo on the love chair inside her. And what would her husband do to enhance anything she might feel at that very moment?

Thinking of it, she thinks that they will have to use their love chair as soon as possible. And keep the camera ready of course…

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