Intimate Jewels

Some time ago she was surfing the net aimlessly. Somehow when she does this, she always ends up looking for sexy things. Sexy things can be anything from sexy clothes, to sexy pictures, to anything attributing to her sex life.

This is how she stumbled over the jewelry designs of Sylvie Monthulé. She was amazed at the simplicity of the designs and of course: she wanted it!!! The different pieces of jewelry are exciting, adding just that extra spice to your sex life, or making you feel naughty and wet when you secretly wear it.

So what have Sylvie Monthulé designed?

Some simple and ‘innocent’ pieces as collars, earrings and anklets. Or hand jewels and waist chains. But also strings jewels, open bra jewels and no piercing nipple jewels. All of these are kind of ‘normal’ on the sites of different sex shops.

But what really intrigued her were the clitoral jewels and the penetrating jewels.

The one penetrating jewel that really had her attention was a shell formed to cover a pussy. Inside the shell is a small ‘penis’. This is worn as a string.


But what excited her the most was the clitoris jewels. This has a kind of ring that circles and exposes the clitoris. She can imagine that this will make the clitoris hypersensitive, but that she could also feel very sexy wearing it!

So maybe, if she’s a good girl, her husband will buy her some of this for Christmas?

© Rebel’s Notes

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