A swing

She wants a swing. A swing where she can sit and relax. Where she can watch what is happening around her. A swing that will bring on some excitement. That will contribute to her fun and games.

No indeed, she does not want a swing as pictured above. She wants a sex swing. She and her husband have been talking about this on several occasions, but every time the objection to it was that holes have to be drilled in the ceiling and big hooks will have to stay in there. How would they ever be able to explain to their children what that is? The children are getting bigger and will eventually ask questions. And they just are not in the mood to explain. So another option was to wait until the children has left to live on their own. But that’s still years ahead. By the time the children leave they might not even be in the mood for sex anymore 😉

Whenever she thinks about it, she surfs the internet to see whether she can find some kind of standard for the swing. And now, at last she has found one! Surfing the internet tonight, she found a swing with a standard. Of course the swing and the standard are not sold together. The supplier is clever enough to sell it separately! But nevertheless, she has found one. There is just one small problem. The surface that the standard needs to be set up on is quite big. And she doesn’t think that they have the room to put the stand up. But maybe if they are creative, they might find the space for it.

The idea of being suspended in the swing, surrendered to her husband, excites her. Hanging there, with her legs wide, everything exposed… being watched and touched by her husband…

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