A leisurely drive

On a hot Sunday afternoon she was feeling quite horny. They were sitting outside in the garden and the sun only helped to make her feel even hotter.

She went inside and to their bedroom. In the bedroom she took off her underwear. When she went back outside, she was wearing only the dress that she had on when she went inside. Back outside she pulled her chair towards the sun. She put another chair in front of her so she could put her feet up. Her husband was reading, but she succeeded in drawing his attention. As he looked at her, she spread her legs to give him a glimpse of what she was not wearing. Now he was interested. He suggested that they should go for a drive around the town they live in. She was definitely in for that.

As they drove out their street, she turned in her seat and spread her legs. She had her back half against the door and half against the back of her seat. Her pussy was fully visible to her husband when she put her one foot on his lap. He drove out to one of the quieter roads. His one hand was caressing her inner thigh while he kept his other hand on the steering wheel. Once there were not as many cars around, he pulled at the front of her dress and exposed her breasts. She pinched her hard nipples, enjoying the feeling. His hand moved towards her wet pussy and he slipped a finger inside her. He could not reach as well as he wanted to and demanded that she should play with herself.

She dipped her finger in her own wetness and then slowly made small circles around her clitoris. This small part of her was highly sensitive because she was excited. She knew that she would soon have an orgasm. She slipped lower in the seat by pushing her buttocks closer to her husband and spreading her legs even more. She wanted him to look at her, but he also had to concentrate on the road. He pushed a finger inside her again as she played with her clitoris. Her movements increased. She wanted to come. She needed to come.

As he pushed a second finger inside her she increased her movements even more. Her eyes closed. She felt the tingling in her toes, then in her back, then in her legs. Her orgasm was near. Her moans told her husband the same. He turned his fingers inside her. The movement of his fingers sent her over the edge. Her orgasm centered around her clitoris just as her husband turned into their street again.

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