She’s back & full of plans

Months ago she mentioned that she was considering having her inner labia pierced. Now she’s back and the plan is still there. Will she do it or not?

Yes, she will! Before the end of the year she will be the proud owner of three piercings. But that’s not all. She’s even considering two nipple piercings. This will be the third time that she has her nipples pierced. The previous two times it did not go well. Both times her body rejected the piercings. She wants to have a talk with the piercers and ask them if there is something else that she can do to make sure that the piercings heal properly. Maybe they will suggest piercings of a different material than she had before.

Piercings is not all she is thinking about. She is also considering some more tattoos. She wants to extend the tattoo that she already has. And she wants to have the scar on her tummy tattooed. And last but not least, she wants the small tattoo on her shoulder covered up with something nice and colorful.

And, who knows, someday she might even be crazy enough to have a similar tattoo l as in the picture below!


Borrowed picture from this site
© Rebel’s Notes

One thought on “She’s back & full of plans

  1. I like butterflies and pussy. A butterfly on a pussy is a very nice combination. Is it going t be real? Please post some pics of your wet pussy.

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