Two more?

She has a piercing. In her clit. Or rather, in her clitoral hood. For some months now they have been talking about more piercings. Two more, to be precise. Where? In her inner labia.

She still remembers the pain of the first piercing. Will she be able to stand the same pain again and then twice, she keeps on asking herself. What if she cannot handle it? She loves the idea of having two more piercings, but what if that’s just too much? What if it’s uncomfortable when she wears tight pants. The piercing in her clit is never uncomfortable. Sometimes it even stimulates her a bit, but will the two other piercings do the same if she gets them?

And what about sex? She loves it when her husband is a bit rough. What if the piercings are in the way? What if he cannot be as rough anymore for fear of the piercings hooking up between his hand and her pussy? And what about him fisting her – the piercings are bound to be in the way. She really has to think about it, because she wants the piercings to be sexy and enjoyable and not to be an annoyance.

So, two more or not?

© Rebel’s Notes

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