The Woods (part 2)

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Continued from… The Woods (part 1)

Once again, he moved his mouth closer to her lips. This time he pushed the tip of his tongue between her pussy lips. He just did not touch her clitoris. He tasted her juices as he ran his tongue down her opening. Once again he stopped, moving his mouth away from her. Seconds later he started to circle her clitoris with his tongue. She moaned softly. More circles. What felt like tiny electric shocks, increased her excitement.

Her moans increased. She pushed her pussy against his mouth, wanting to feel every move his tongue made. He closed his lips around her little erect knob and sucked it hard. With a deep throat sound, she climaxed for the first time. He released the grip his lips had on her clit, returning to slowly drawing circles around it with his tongue. His hands were on her thighs, kneading and stroking them. He knew how much she liked the feeling of almost pain alternated with soft caresses.

Listening to her breathing getting more intense, he once again sucked hard on her clitoris. Her climax came quicker this time. Her pussy lips were getting wetter. He slipped a finger inside her, bending it ever so slightly and moving it around inside her. The combination of his mouth and his finger pleasuring her, made her climax for a third time.

Suddenly they both looked at the bushes that concealed the main footpath from their view. Both of them heard something, but it was silent now. Then, looking very closely, through the leaves they saw an older couple sitting on the bench, their backs turned to them. The half nude woman smiled to her companion. She gently touched his wrist, moving his hand so his finger, which was still inside her, moved in and out of her pussy. Taking one more look at the couple on the bench, he bent over and sucked hard on her clitoris.

After yet another climax – this time a very silent one without any moans from her side – she sat up and grabbed his belt. Quickly she undid it, unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. Moments later his pants dropped to his knees. His underpants quickly followed. She squatted in front of him, taking his hardon in her mouth. Her legs were spread wide, her wet pussy clearly visible for anyone to see, was it not that no one knew that they were in that spot.

With her right hand, she held onto his left hand to keep her steady. Her left hand cupped and caressed his balls, while she took his penis as deep into her mouth as she can. He loved to feel the tip of his dick touch the back of her throat. Her tongue teased his fraenulum, knowing how sensitive it is. He bent slightly backwards, pushing his hips forward so he could watch her as she suck him. From this angle, he could see her spread pussy too. It was a very stimulating view.

Her left hand grasped his shaft, moving up and down while she sucked hard on his dick head. She tasted his precum and knew that it would not take long for him to reach an orgasm. This is not what she wanted. She wanted to feel him inside her. She wanted him to fuck her. She stood up and took his face in her hands. A kiss – their tongues intertwined – followed.

His hands moved to her erect nipples, pinching them. The kiss intensified. Their breathing quickened. He pulled her skirt up over her hips and his fingers searched for her opening. Finding it, he slipped two fingers inside. She put one leg up on the nearby tree trunk, wanting to feel his fingers even deeper inside her. They were still kissing. The rapid in and out movements of his fingers brought her to a quick, wet climax.

He grabbed her by the shoulders, turning her around. He moved her towards the tree. Then he pushed her between her shoulder blades. She bent over, her hips supported by the tree, her upper body hanging free. Her feet were not touching the ground anymore. He stood between her legs, spreading them as far as they would go. Slowly he pushed his hard dick into her wet pussy. Just as slowly, he moved in and out of her.

The sensations in their flesh touching each other intensified. He wanted to fuck her hard. She wanted to be fucked hard. The sensed this in each other. As well as she could in the position she was in, she pushed her behind towards him, opening her pussy for him to shove his dick even further into her. With a grunt, he grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and banged into her. She moaned, enjoying the mix of pain and pleasure – pain where he pulled her head back and pleasure as he fucked her.

With a low groan, he shot his load deep inside her. The pulsating of his penis while climaxing made her whimper as she felt an enormous orgasm approaching. He felt her pussy tighten, see the muscles in her buttocks tightening too and then he felt the wetness of her juices around his cock. When he let go of her hair, she hung over the tree for some time, breathing hard. He pulled his limp dick out of her wet hole and pulled his pants up.

Slowly she rose to her feet, fastened her blouse and pulled her skirt down. She put her coat on, suddenly cold, now that the burning passion inside was tempered for the moment. She turned to her companion and kissed him. Then she slipped her hand in his and they started to walk back to the main footpath. The elderly couple looked surprised to see them. Feeling the wetness between her legs and thinking about the outdoor fuck she just had, she smiled at the couple.

It was still a beautiful autumn afternoon. The sun was still shining. It was a bit chillier than when they walked into the woods, but both of them felt warm inside. There now was a slight wind, blowing the leaves on the ground around. Hand in hand, they walked out of the woods, listening to the sounds of nature, sharing the thoughts of their experience.

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