The Woods (part 1)

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It was a beautiful autumn afternoon. The sun was shining. Not a breath of wind could be noticed. Due to the season, there were many leaves on the ground. Hand in hand, they walked deeper into the woods, enjoying the silence. Occasionally they heard birds singing up in the trees.

Coming to a bench in a bend in the established footpath, they saw a faint trial running to the opposite side. In silent consent, they followed the narrow trail, which started just behind the bench. Within a couple of meters, they were hidden from the main footpath behind some dense bushes. A big tree trunk close by and the bushes offered a triangular secluded spot.

They sat down on the fallen tree. He bent over to her and softly kissed her on the lips. She closed her eyes and returned his kiss. His hand moved from her back to the front. He softly caressed her breast, which was easily accessible since she never buttoned her coat. When he pinched her nipple through the fabric of her thin blouse, she felt a fluttering in her belly.

Feeling mischievous, she straddled the tree, facing him. Her short skirt shoved up, revealing the lacy upper borders of her stockings. Above that was only bare skin. She was not wearing any underwear at all. He caressed her thighs. His thumbs touched the bare flesh just above the lace. She sighed, passionately kissing him. Just as his fingers were about to brush her pussy lips, she grabbed his hands and pushed them away, holding on to his wrists. Her lips were still on his.

She broke the kiss off, looking deep into his eyes. The look on her face signalled him not to say a word. Their eyes were locked together. Teasingly slow, she took her coat off, spreading it out behind her on the tree. Her hard nipples pressed against the inside of her blouse, revealing her excitement. He wanted to pull her closer towards him and let his hands roam her body, but he did not dare to move. It was clear that she was planning something.

Still watching him, she started to unbutton her blouse. Bit by bit the bare skin between her small titties showed, but he still could not see her erect nipples. With a smile and still looking at him, she slipped a hand under her blouse. She loved the feeling of her hard nipples between her fingers. The combination of her warm hand and the feeling of the crisp autumn air heightened her excitement.

She slowly leant backwards, lying down on the spread-out coat behind her. Her perky tits were now completely visible as the two front halves of her blouse slipped to the sides. Her legs parted even more and her skirt moved up a couple of centimetres. From were he sat, he could see the moist, slightly parted lips of her pussy.

Softly he started to caress her thighs again, moving in circles and ever so slightly moving closer to her inviting crotch. This time she did not stop him when he reached her glistening wetness. By spreading her legs a bit more she beckoned him to touch her. He was but too happy to comply.

His fingers softly stroke her pussy lips. Left. Right. Right. Left. She sighed, enjoying the teasing. Her hands were still on her breasts and she was pinching her nipples. He bent closer. The tip of his tongue ran the length of her slit, from top to bottom and back up again. He lifted his head, watching her play with her nipples. She felt the cold air cooling down her hot lips.

To be continued… The woods (part 2)

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