Project: 101 things in 1001 days

Starting date: 13-01-2013
End date: 11-10-2015
Goals completed: 61
Goals failed: 32
Goals in progress6
Goals not started: 2

Links to my posts about the list can be found at the bottom of the page.
(If you have a list and want to share your updates on it, you can link those here.)

Last update of goals: 11-10-2015

Blogging and writing

Blogging & Writing… Writing & Blogging. Which is more important? To me, they are both an integral part of each other. My dream is to publish a book, to be a published author, but for that, I have to work hard. I have to step out of my comfort zone and let publishers out there know that I am here. I have to show them what I write and that in itself is a terrifying thought! But, I want to do it. That is why some of the goals below is about this dream, and others are goals that will fit perfectly into this blog. Hence the combining of Blogging & Writing.

1. [DONE] Write a good bio about my alter ego, Marie Rebelle

Read my bio…

2. [DONE] Enter at least 5 writing competitions

2.1. I’ve entered the Smut Marathon … let’s see how this goes.
~ Round 1
~ Round 2
~ Round 3
~ Round 4
~ Round 5
~ Smut Marathon 2013: Round 6
~ Smut Marathon 2013: Round 7 ~ the adventure ends

2.2. I’ve entered the Smut Marathon 2014 … again, let’s see how this goes.
~ Smut Marathon 2014 – Round 1
~ Smut Marathon 2014: Round 2
~ Smut Marathon 2014: Round 3
~ Smut Marathon 2014: Round 4

2.3. I entered Exhibit A’s Sinful Sunday competition in May 2014 and won the readers prize.

2.4. I entered Charlie in the Pool’s Ultimate Summer Playlist Competition with two stories: Little Bird and Blue Sky

2.5. I entered Oleander Plume’s ‘Pick a prompt, any prompt’ Story Contenst with my story: Bare Essentials

3. [In progress] Get a book deal with a publisher

I have send a book proposal to a publisher and am waiting for their reply.
I have also sent a story to someone who works with a publisher to see whether the story has potential to be published.

4. [Not started – I have to continue from being about halfway there] Complete part three of Bus Tour & Jailbird

5. [Not started] Submit Bus Tour, Jailbird and part 3 (trilogy) to at least 5 publishers to consider for publishing

6. [DONE] Submit at least 10 stories for possible publication in anthologies

6.1. Two stories submitted for the submission call by Rachel Kramer Bussel for “Short Short BDSM Submission Erotica Anthology”
6.2. Story submitted for the submission call by Lana Fox and Go Deeper Press for “Dirty Little Numbers”
6.3. Story submitted for the submission call by Barbara Cardy for “Mammoth Book of Urban Erotic Confessions”
6.4. Two stories submitted for a Dutch book about fisting. Edited by Stichting Info BDSM. Both stories have been accepted and published.
6.5. Story submitted for the submission call by Alison Tylor for BDSM Stories
6.6. Story submitted for the submission call by Ruby Kiddell for “Southbank Seduction”
6.7. Three stories submitted for the submission call by Jon Pressick for Best Sex Writing 2015
6.8. Story submitted for the submission call by Lucy Felthouse and Kevin Mitnik for Smut in the City – Sapphic Edition
6.9. Story submitted for the submission call by Maxim Jakubowski for Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 13
6.10. Story submitted for the submission call by Rachel Kramer Bussel for Best Bondage Erotica 2015
6.11. Story submitted for the submission call by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse for Smut by the Sea Volume 3
6.12. Story submitted for the submission call by Cheyenne Blue for Forbidden Fruit: Stories of unwise lesbian desire
6.13. Story submitted for the submission call by F.R. Solomon for a military anthology.
6.14. Story submitted for the submission call by Lucy Felthouse and Kevin Mitnik for Sapphic Smut

7. [In progress: 1/2] Co-write at least 2 stories

First story started on 11.02.2013 and completed in July 2014. Read ‘The Instructor‘.

Second story has been started at the end of May 2015, but due to my writing partner’s busy life, it might not be completed on time.

8. [Failed] Participate in NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo 2013 – I started with this, but it was just too much with all my other writing. Decided to stop and not try it again.

9. [DONE] Participate in NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo 2014

Even though I thought I would not be able to do this, I have managed to complete a story in November 2014!

10. [DONE] Continue & complete the story I started for NaNoWriMo 2012 – Completed the story and submitted it to an anthology call.

11. [Failed] Rewrite WC for blog

12. [DONE] Rewrite any classic tale into a sexual fantasy

Someone else suggested this as a prompt for Wicked Wednesday, which prompted me to finally re-write a classic tale into a sexual fantasy.

13. [DONE] Read and review at least 15 erotic books

13.1. A Passion for Words by Mistress Velvet
13.2. Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training by Red Phoenix
13.3. Book review: Those Girls by Alison Tyler
13.4. Book review: Bared to You by Sylvia Day
13.5. Book Review: The Angel by Tiffany Reisz
13.6. Book review: Reflected in You by Sylvia Day
13.7. Book review: The Siren – Tiffany Reisz
13.8. Book Review: Serving Him – Sexy Stories of Submission – Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
13.9. Book review: Kingsbridge Book 1: Jeanine by Orpheus
13.10. Book review: The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker by Suzanne Portnoy
13.11. Book review: My Biggest Mistake: Selena Prescod
13.12. Book review: The Young Wife by Ida T. Heurtze
13.13. Book review: 50 Shades of Kink by Tristan Taormino
13.14. Book review: The Story of Control by Adrianna Taylor
13.15. Book review: Submission: Erotica for Women by Alex Algren

14. [Failed] Review the Lelo Insignia Tiani 2

15. [DONE] Review the rabbit vibrator I have won in a competition – Jessica Onyx Vibrator

16. [DONE] Review the We-Vibe and Luna beads I have won in 2012

I have tried both these toys when I received them, but neither of them did for me what I hoped it would. Like the Lelo Insignia Tiani 2 the We-Vibe just doesn’t do what I hoped it would. The Luna beads obviously press down due to gravity, but gave me a very unpleasant and almost itchy feeling. I was going to write reviews for both these toys, but have decided against it as I don’t want to waste my energy with toys that have actually disappointed me to some degree.

17. [DONE] Blog about a relationship I had with a disabled man in my early 20’s – Disabled Gentleman

18. [Failed] Write 20 sponsored posts for EdenFantasys

EdenFantasys has stopped their sponsored posts program. However, it was mentioned that you could contact the coordinator when you have something you would like to post for them. I have contacted them and after waiting for more than a month for an answer from the coordinator, I decided to close this goal. EdenFantasys does not deliver what they promise.]

18.1. About BDSM limits and more
18.2. My clitoris
18.3. Sextoy review: Icicles No. 16

19. [DONE] Write an erotic story with a man as the main character

19.1. Kissing & dreaming (1/2)
19.2. Kissing & dreaming (2/2)
19.3. Fantasy: The haircut (1)
19.4. Fantasy: The haircut (2)

20. [DONE] Write on 20 creative writing prompts

20.1. Promt 341: Write from the point of view of a wedding bouquet: Watching
20.2. Prompt 90: You finish filing your last report and you are ready to head home. As you reach for the office door, the lights go out. What happens next? – The lights go out…
20.3. Prompt 60: Start your story with this: “She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled.”: Little box
20.4. Prompt 85: Use the first line of a nursery rhyme (take your pic) to start a story: Hickory, dickory, dock…
20.5. Prompt 91: Write about a man who got stood up on a date: Stood up on a date
20.6. Prompt 196: Write from the point of view of a freshly scrubbed floor: The scrubbed floor
20.7. Prompt 21: Write a letter to the ten year old child you had been: A Letter To Little Marie
20.8. Prompt 96: You come home and check your phone messages. You get to the third message and freeze. Begin from there: Erotic fiction: The third message
20.9. Prompt 179: Write from the point of an old car with a new paint job: Erotic fiction: Music festival
20.10. Prompt 303: Make this the first line of your story: Catching the signal from one of her friends, Angela brushed her skirt, took a deep breath: Erotic fiction: The play girl
20.11. Prompt 106: What would you do with three wishes? Three wishes
20.12. Prompt 271: Write from the point of view of a glass on the edge of a table: Shattered glass
20.13. Prompt #19: Begin a story with: “There was once a chance I didn’t take…”: Fat Chance
20.14. Prompt #105: Use this plot in a story: holiday house rented turns out to be run-down servants quarters: An adventurous holiday
20.15. Prompt #108: What story can you write with this premise: A flight attendant drinks champagne in first class: Flying home
20.16. Prompt #112: Write from the point of view of the last tree standing in a forest: Lonely Observations
20.17. Prompt #119: What happens to a woman who is fired from her job after getting the wrong number?: Wrong number
20.18. Prompt #122: Craft a poem or a story based on this metaphor: A flourish of hate
20.19. Prompt #125: A drunk man sits next to you in a bar, thinks you’re his buddy and starts confessing “the truth”. Write about what “the truth” is: Drunk Fuck
20.20. Prompt 309: Start your story with this line: Alice tried to remember who had given her the key…: Alice’s Wonderland

21. [DONE] Make a list of 50 sexy things I have already achieved – Sexy Lists

22. [DONE] Make a sex bucket list with at least 25 items on it – Sexy Lists

23. [DONE] Write 5 sex information posts

23.1. Corset perils
23.2. Female orgasms
23.3. Preparing for anal sex
23.4. Erotic massage date (1)
23.5. A series of posts, called Silence is Golden, starting with Silence is golden (1/10)

24. [DONE] Read three books from this Banned Books List

24.1. Book review: Fanny Hill by John Cleland
24.2. I read 1984, which is not an erotic book, but it has been banned in many countries for quite some years. I won’t be writing a review about this book.
24.3. I tried to read 120 Days of Sodom by Marquis de Sade but stopped halfway through. I really, really tried, but I just couldn’t get through this book.

Photo / Blogging

Posting photos to my blog is something that I did almost from the word ‘go’. I will continue to do this, but I am always looking for new photo ideas. And not only that… whenever I see photos on other blogs that have been artistically manipulated, I wish I could do it too. I have never learned how to work with Photoshop, or any other photo software, except those to crop photos and add words to it. It’s time I learn how to do more…

25. [DONE] Gain at least 20 notches for Scavenger Hunt

25.1. Scavenger Hunt: Monument
25.2. Scavenger Hunt: Bridge
25.3. Scavenger Hunt: Tunnel
25.4. Sinful Sunday #97: Scavenger Hunt: Elevator
25.5. Sinful Sunday #99: Scavenger Hunt: Hallway
25.6. Sinful Sunday: Scavenger Hunt: Roof terrace
25.7. Sinful Sunday: Hotel Car Park
25.8. Sinful Sunday: Bus Stop Scavenger Hunt
25.9. Sinful Sunday: Another Scavenger Hunt
25.10. Sinful Sunday #137: Pub Flash
25.11. Sinful Sunday: Alley Tramp
25.12. Sinful Sunday: On our way to Eroticon 2014
25.13. Sinful Sunday: Bottom Line
25.14. Track and trace
25.15. Sinful Sunday: Blasphemy
25.16. Graffiti container
25.17. Bunker Hill
25.18. Post Office/Boxes
25.19. Cycle Trial
25.20. Restaurant/Café

26. [DONE] Learn to photoshop my photos

27. [DONE] Post 25 photo manipulations

27.1. Sexing Up Transformers
27.2. Outlook
27.3. Kink of the week #14: Clothing pins
27.4. Sinful Sunday #104: Oldie
27.5. Sinful Sunday #105: Sinful Mirror
27.6. Sinful Sunday #106: Blue
27.7. Modesty
27.8. Sinful Sunday: Holding On
27.9. Sinful Sunday: Licking
27.10. Sinful Sunday: Triple Red
27.11. Kink of the week 38: Sneakers
27.12. Red hot start to the #febphotofest
27.13. Valentine’s Day #febphotofest
27.14. Black & red (#febphotofest)
27.15. Triptych Red
27.16. Sinful Color Splash
27.17. D is for donuts
27.18. Softer Touch
27.19. H is for Ham
27.20. Playing Ball
27.21. N is for Noodles
27.22. O is for Oreo
27.23. P is for Pomegranates
27.24. Q is for Quinoa
27.25. R is for Radish

28. [DONE] Partake in ToyWithMeTuesday at least 10 times

28.1. Toy With Me Tuesday: Charging
28.2. Toy with me Tuesday: A messy table
28.3. Toy with me Tuesday: Toolbox turns Toybox
28.4. Toy with me Tuesday: Wanna play?
28.5. Toy with me Tuesday #5: Hotel room decorations
28.6. Toy with me Tuesday: Feeling blue
28.7. Strawberry Plug
28.8. The Color Purple
28.9. Pointy fruit
28.10. Mushroom Picker

29. [DONE] Complete the 26 by 26 photo challenge in a sexy way

29.1. Challenge 1: Take a subject as far out of context as possible ~ Andrew Zuckerman
29.2. Challenge 2: Photograph an image which exemplifies the essence of altruistic behavior ~ Steve McCurry
29.3. Challenge 3: Pretend you are an animal (earthworm, cat, bat, sparrow, etc.), imagine what you would perceive and take a photo from this perspective ~ Michael Reisch
29.4. Challenge 4: Make a photograph in collaboration with a subject, that enables the subject to get there message across ~ Tom Hunter
29.5. Challenge 5: Be inspired to be brave ~ Spencer Murphy
29.6. Challenge 6: Decide upon an emotion you wish to convey, use that as your guide to build your story ~ Ian Teh
29.7. Challenge 7: Remove the separation between yourself and your subject ~ Graeme Williams
29.8. Challenge 8: What is happening when you are asleep?
29.9. Challenge 9: Take a blue photo ~ Bieke Depoorter
29.10. Challenge #10: Imagine you’re a time traveler from a hundred years in the future. Make a picture that shows how you perceive this place ~ Carolyn Drake
29.11. Challenge #11: The answer is in the background ~ Remi Chapeaublanc
29.12. Challenge #12: Photograph a fake ~ Andreas Gefeller
29.13. Challenge #13: Take a photograph of a place that is less than one mile from your home ~ Fabrice Fouillet
29.14. Challenge #14: Photograph something you consider insignificant ~ Riitta Ikonen & Karoline Hjorth
29.15. Challenge #15: Take a portrait without showing the face ~ Tom Broadbent
29.16: Challenge #16: Make a picture entirely for yourself ~ Jim Naughten
29.17. Challenge #17: Make a picture that strives to demonstrate empathy for a subject you may not have necessarily felt a sense of emotional connection to before ~ Zun Lee
29.18. Challenge #18: Take a photograph using an image capturing device that is totally inappropriate to the subject matter OR Take a photograph of, or representative of, something normally immaterial or invisible. Such as sound, music, air, pollution, toxic waste, love… ~ Mark Neville
29.19: Challenge #19: Take a photograph of your present ~ Alain Laboile
29.20. Challenge #20: If for some reason you were told you would not be around when your children were adults, what image would you create for them? ~ Elinor Carucci
29.21. Challenge #21: Photograph only in the dark ~ Julia Fullerton-Batten
29.22. Challenge #22: Photograph someone sleeping ~ Anastasia Taylor-Lind
29.23. Challenge #23: Tell me what your image is telling you ~ Jaap Scheeren
29.24. Challenge #24: Capture the split second that the image is just right ~ Sue Flood
29.25. Challenge #25: Look up the meaning of ‘hiraeth’ and take a photo of it ~ Bryan Schutmaat
29.26. Challenge #26: I want you to make an inspired and beautiful contribution to the culture that you are a part. Document the process with an image ~ Simon Hogsberg

30. [DONE] Take a sexy picture starting with each letter of the alphabet

A ~ Avocado: A is for avocado
B ~ Broccoli: Eat Your Greens
C ~ Candy: Candy Hearts / Cinnamon: C is for cinnamon
D ~ Donuts: D is for donuts
E ~ Eggs: E is for Easter
F ~ Fennel: F is for Fennel
G ~ Green beans: Spilling the beans
H ~ Ham: H is for Ham
I ~ Ivy: I is for Ivy
J ~ Jelly beans: J is for Jelly beans
K ~ Kiwi: Pointy fruit and Kinky Kiwi
L ~ Lemon: L is for Lemon
M ~ Mushroom: Corruption
N ~ Noodles: N is for Noodles
O ~ Oreo cookies: O is for Oreo
P ~ Pomegranates: P is for Pomegranates
Q ~ Quinoa: Q is for Quinoa
R ~ Radish: R is for Radish
S ~ Strawberry: Sweet Strawberry and Strawberry Plug
T ~ Tomato: Sinful Color Splash
U ~ Uncooked: U is for Uncooked
V ~ Vanilla: V is for Vanilla
W ~ Wasabi: W is for Wasibi
X ~ Xylocarp: X is for Xylocarp
Y ~ Yoghurt: Y is for Yoghurt
Z ~ Zucchini: Z is for Zucchini

31. [DONE] Partake in the 365 project at least once .

You can follow this project on Marie Rebelle’s Projects

32. [Failed] Allow two other men to make a full series of erotic photos of me

33. [Failed] Buy several huge cloths (different colors) for background of photos


Ah, where will my blog be without sex? Somewhere I have already said that I like writing and I like sex, so combining the two has been an easy step. Lots of the things on my list is connected to sex. In fact, I have made sure that about everything has to do with sex or my body. That way I can blog about them all. If I have made some of those things about my family, I would not have blogged about it. All of the 101 things on my list, but especially the things in this section, have been approved my MasterT. Without His approval I would not have been able to put these on the list.

34. [DONE] Have 5 orgasms for 15 consecutive days – started on Sunday 28.07.2013 and ended on Sunday 11.08.2013

35. [Failed] Suck and swallow Master T for 10 consecutive days

36. [DONE] Wear my butt plug for 10 consecutive days

I wore the plug for 10 days (between 3-5 hours a day) from 08.10.2013 until 17.10.2013

37. [DONE] Have a MMF threesome

I have been in one room with two men at the same time and swallowed both of them. that counts as a MMF threesome, right? Read: A date: Take two part 1

38. [DONE] Have my ass marked at least 10 times

38.1. 25.01.2013 – Playdate 3-1: In the backseat of the car (take 1)
38.2. 15.03.2013 – Playdate 4-1: St. Andrew’s Cross
38.3. 31.05.2013 – Spanking, whipping, no orgasm
38.4. 22.08.2013 – “Holi-dating” Master T (1)
38.5. 01.09.2013 – “Holi-dating” Master T (2)
38.6. 13.09.2013 – Ouch, thank you, Master!
38.7. 28.11.2013 – Knife play
38.8. 17.01.2014 – Suppressed tears
38.9. 08.03.2014 – The carpet beater
38.10. 21.06.2014 – The Message

39. [Failed] Have my first DP

40. [DONE] Have at least 10 more play dates

40.1. 25.01.2013: Playdate 3
40.2. 15.03.2013: Playdate 4-1: St. Andrew’s Cross
40.3. 31.05.2013: Several posts on my blog tell more about this playdate, but in a different manner than the above posts.
40.4. 30.08.2013: A date: Take two part 1
40.5. 13.09.2013: Yet again, just like the date on 31.05 2013 several different kinds of post have told more about this play date.
40.6. 26.10.2013: Erotic massage date (1)
40.7. 17.01.2014: Suspended
40.8. 21.05.2014: It’s a date
40.9. 06.06.2014: Triple Dominance
40.10. 13.02.2015: Posts might follow.

41. [Failed] Attend at least one bondage workshop with Master T

42. [Failed] Visit at least one BDSM play party

43. [DONE] Have sex with a woman at least 5 times

43.1. 25.01.2013 – Playdate 3-1: In the backseat of the car (take 1)
43.2. 15.03.2013 – Playdate 4-1: St. Andrew’s Cross
43.3. 31.05.2013 – Girl time
43.4. 06.06.2014 – Triple Dominance
43.5. 13.02.2015: Posts might follow

44. [Failed] Do wax play again at least 5 times

44. 1. Kink of the Week #2: Wax play

45. [DONE] Use the clitoris/pussy pump we bought two years ago at least once

We’ve used this and even though it was an enjoyable sensation, it isn’t something we would use frequently.

46. [Failed] Wear the Tiani 2/We-Vibe at least 5 times to shops/outside house

47. [DONE] Perform for Master T and at least one other person.

As preparation for a kinky date, I had to do some exercises and perform them for Master T and Master B.
Erotic massage date (1)

48. [DONE] Whipping of breasts and pussy for at least 10 minutes on 10 consecutive days (using mini flogger)

49. [Failed] Masturbate on the hood of a car

50. [Failed] Masturbate in a cinema


Still things that have to do with sex, but not with the act itself. Some of these things are also about accepting my body and showing it. Yet again, it’s a way for me to step out of my comfort zone.

51. [DONE] Buy another quality garter belt

52. [Failed] Buy at least two good fitting open cup bra’s

53. [Failed] Wear an open cup bra at least 2 days per week for six months

54. [DONE] Wear no panties for 30 consecutive days

(This started out as a 7-day punishment, but I figured I could just as well continue not wearing any panties. I ended up entirely stopping wearing panties.)

55. [Failed] Buy a pair of sexy over the knee boots

56. [DONE] Wear stockings at least one day a week for 6 months

Started this on 26.10.2013 and ended on 26.04.2014

57. [In progress] Get a special set of drawers for all our sex toys and erotic stuff

58. [In progress] Place hooks in our bedroom for naughty fun

The hooks are bought… now to renovate the bedroom and get those hooks on the wall.

59. [DONE] Wear a short skirt for 30 consecutive days

60. [Failed] Have food served on my body

Sexy art

Some of you know that I am also an artist. Definitely not professional, but I do have talent. I started out painting animals, but have changed to erotic art. Because all my art are signed with my real name, I have never shown it on the website. However, there is a small change happening in my real life, which might make it possible for me to show you some of my work. Time will tell.
I have also been bodypainted before and one of those creations has been shown on this blog. I want to be painted again and those I will definitely show here. And as for tattoos… well you know I will show you!

61. [Failed] Make 4 erotic paintings in my own studio

Ordered canvas on 13.01.2013
Canvas delivered on 16.01.2013
Started first painting on 28.04.2013

62. [Failed] Make 10 erotic charcoal drawings in my own studio

63. [DONE] Design my own tattoo

64. [DONE] Have another big tattoo done

Sexy socializing

There are so many things I want to do this year, so many people I want to meet. I have met people online and now want to see them for reals. And also visit Eroticon and make Erotic Meet a success in the Netherlands.
Follow me on this socializing journey!

65. [DONE] Visit Eroticon 2013 and blog about it

65.1. Our Eroticon weekend: Friday
65.2. Our Eroticon weekend: Saturday
65.3. Our Eroticon weekend: Saturday evening + Sunday

66. [DONE] Visit Eroticon 2014 and blog about it

66.1. Eroticon 2014: Meet & Greet
66.2. Eroticon 2014: The preparation
66.3. Sinful Sunday: On our way to Eroticon 2014
66.4. Eroticon 2014: Saturday
66.5. Eroticon 2014: Sunday
66.6. Eroticon 2014: Socializing

67. [DONE] Visit Eroticon 2015 (or something similar) and blog about it

Tickets for Eroticon 2015 have been bought on 26 September 2014.
Eroticon 2015 will take place on 1 & 2 August 2015 in Bristol, UK.

67.1 Eroticon 2015: The Preamble
67.2 Eroticon 2015: Everything I expected and more!

68. [In progress] Be a speaker (at least once) about writing/blogging

I am busy preparing to be a speaker at EroScripta on 17 October 2015, where I will do a session on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts in writing about sex’.
EroScripta is similar to Eroticon, but all in Dutch so only accessible for Dutch speaking people. Please note: EroScripta is NOT my initiative, but that of the beautifully talented Liza Daen, who I got to know through my writing group.

69. [DONE] Kiss Molly at Eroticon 2013

On the evening of Aural Sex at Eroticon 2013 Molly and I was saying goodbye to each other. At first it was only a kiss on the cheeks, but it quickly turned into a real sensual kiss. Wonderful!
For Marie, by Molly

70. [DONE] Organize at least 10 meetings for Erotic Meet Netherlands.

In the meantime the name has changed and the group is growing bigger and bigger. We had our 11th meeting at the end of 2014.

71. [Failed] Attend a party of Erotic Meet London

Failed! Erotic Meet London has changed to Afterglow Art, and is not situated in London anymore.

72. [In progress: 7/10] Go to the sauna (wellness resort) at least 10 times

First visit: 22.04.2013
Second visit: 22.07.2013
Third visit: 29.11.2013
Fourth visit: 31.01.2014
Fifth visit: 25.07.2014
Sixth visit: 04.03.2015
Seventh visit: 01.05.2015
Eighth visit:
Ninth visit:
Tenth visit:

73. [DONE] Meet at least 20 tweeps in person

@polyvanilla (met during a lunch meeting in Rotterdam) – @SexwithRose (met during an Erotic Meet lunch meeting) – @AnniePlayer (met during lunch the day before Eroticon2013) – @Mollysdailykiss (met at Eroticon2013) – @DomSigns (met at Eroticon2013) – @CuriousMuse1 (met at Eroticon2013) – @eroticnotebook (met at Eroticon2013) – @RachelKincaid4 (met at Eroticon2013) – @RubyGoodnight (met at Eroticon2013) – @RemittanceGirl (met at Eroticon2013) – @DirtyLittleW (met at Eroticon2013) – @mydesire (met at Eroticon2013) – @PlumptiousPea (met at Eroticon2013) – @HarperElliot (met at Eroticon2013) – @Anonymisslily (met at Eroticon2013) – @JillyBoyd (met at Eroticon2013) – @innocentloverboy (met at Eroticon2013) – @BeingBlackSilk (met at Eroticon2013) – @teasematt (met at Eroticon2013 pre-conference drinks) – @LadyPandorah (met at Eroticon2013) – @bawdybloke (met at Eroticon2013) – @DecadentWhisper (met at Eroticon2013) – @curiousbigirl (met at Erotic Writers & Artist NL) – @NachtDromer (met at Erotic Writers & Artist NL) – @polylien (met at Erotic Writers & Artist NL) – @TWZiel (met at Erotic Writers & Artist NL) – @Zomerflinder (met at Erotic Writers & Artist NL) – @EroSchrijver (met at Erotic Writers & Artist NL) – @PierreCourage (met at Erotic Writers & Artist NL) – @With_Love_Fleur (met at Erotic Writers & Artist NL) – @suberynn (met at Erotic Writers & Artist NL) – @EastGrunn (met at Erotic Writers & Artist NL) – @Brabants_Meisje (Amsterdam op 27.07.2013) – @_PandorasBox_ (Amsterdam op 27.07.2013) – @Tieandtease (Amsterdam op 27.07.2013) – @Freemason_D (Rotterdam on 15.08.2013)

74. [DONE] Leave at least 50 of my business cards in public places

74.1. Inside locker at wellness resort I frequently visit.
74.2. Inside cubicle of ladies room at the country’s international airport.
74.3. Inside cubicle of ladies room of one of the big chain shops in the center of Rotterdam.
74.4. On the hand dryer in the ladies room of a restaurant in the center of Rotterdam.
74.5. Two business cards on the hand dryer in the ladies room of a hotel/restaurant in the center of Amsterdam.
74.6. Two business cards on the soap dispenser in the ladies room of a very old grand cafe in the center of Rotterdam.
74.7. Two business cards were left in the ladies room of the cinema when I went to see Fifty Shades with my best friend.
74.8 In the last months before this challenge list closed, I scattered several business cards in several locations, like at airports, in planes, restaurants and even shops.

I hope some people have found their way to my blog after finding my business cards and have enjoyed what they found here.

75. [Failed] Visit the London Fetish Fair or the London Alternative Market

76. [Failed] Go to the casino in sexy clothes at least 5 times

First visit: 29.05.2014

77. [Failed] Go to a burlesque show

78. [Failed] Go to a film festival to see erotic movies

79. [DONE] Be interviewed as Marie Rebelle

Personal pampering

I did not say that there would be no personal things on here, right? On the list are some things I know I have to do, other things I want to do and more things I have been dreaming about doing. Putting them on the list ensure that I will do them… I hope!

80. [DONE] Strictly keep to my (medical) diet for fifteen consecutive days

81. [DONE] Drink 1 liter of water for 30 consecutive days

82. [DONE] Get a professional pussy waxing

It’s been done on 7 February 2015!

83. [DONE] Go for a pedicure at least 5 times

20.06.2013 – My first ever pedicure. Loved the massage of my legs and feet and loved how soft my feet were afterward.
01.08.2013 – Another pedicure, this time combined with a manicure.
28.08.2013 – Yet again I had a pedicure and combined it with a manicure.
01.05.2015 – Got a pedicure while when visiting the wellness center.
09.07.2015 – Another pedicure close to home, and I wonder if I will ever walk in there again…

84. [DONE] Have a hot stone massage

I had a hot stone massage on 22.04.2013 and think I am hooked. This is the first massage that has made me feel totally alive afterwards. All other massages I had made me feel very tired, but the hot stone massage was totally the opposite. I loved it!

85. [DONE] Have an erotic massage – Erotic massage date (1)

86. [Failed] Take at least one yoga class

87. [DONE] Wear each pair of shoes I own at least once

88. [DONE] Throw out all shoes that are no good anymore or not sexy

89. [DONE] Throw out a-sexy clothing & clothes I don’t wear from my closet.

90. [Failed] Buy at least two pairs of ‘Irregular choice’ shoes

91. [Failed] Train my shoulders and arms for better bondage position

92. [DONE] Write a list of 25 things I like about myself.

Together with Hubby…

We are not frequent travelers, but of course, I do have my dreams… and who knows, things might change!

93. [Failed] Stay in a castle for a weekend

94. [Failed] Visit Paris at least once

95. [DONE] Watch ‘The Secretary’ with James Spader – Movie: Secretary

96. [DONE] Watch ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’

16.04.2013: I watched this movie while I was sick in bed. Hubby has seen it before and I have never seen it up to this day.


I am working very hard at promoting my blog and keeping my blog updated with interesting and sexy posts. Logically I am keeping an eye on the progress of my website. I have no control over these five goals, except to just keep on doing what I am doing.
The numbers will be updated frequently.
(Last update: 24.12.2014)

97. [DONE] Reach a million views on my blog (views including old site)

Current views: 1.057.774

98. [DONE] Reach half a million views on my domain (WordPress stats)

Current views: 839.397

99. [Failed] Reach at least 50 participants for one week on Wicked Wednesday

Highest # of participants: 47 (reached on 05.06.2013 which was the first birthday of Wicked Wednesday)

100. [Failed] Reach at least 3456 twitter followers

Current number of followers: 2894
(Highest number up to now: 2894 on 09.07.2015)
Only 562 followers to go…

101. [DONE] Get my Alexa ranking to 250.000 or higher (Completed on 26.05.2013)

Current Alexa ranking: 103.907 global / 2908 in The Netherlands
(Highest ranking up to now: 60.506 (global) on 19.08.2014 / 924 (Netherlands) on 09.07.2015)

My posts about my progress on the list:

First update: 19 February 2013
Second update: 1 August 2013
Third update: 1 October 2013
Fourth update: 6 December 2013
Fifth update: 4 March 2014
Sixth update: 5 May 2014
Seventh update: 7 July 2014
Eighth update: 16 January 2015
Ninth update: 10 July 2015
Tenth and final update: 12 October 2015

16 thoughts on “Project: 101 things in 1001 days

  1. wow! I can’t fathom being able to come up with a list like that! Takes a ton of imagination not to mention the drive required to complete even half of those tasks. For anyone who skipped to the comments and didn’t actually read the entire list: a large part of these tasks are not simple single tasks- they are complex- 5,10,20 steps or events to complete! I am definitely impressed and don’t doubt that you will eventually complete everything still relevant !

    1. WOW, thank you for your lovely comment! It’s great to have it recognized just how extensive my list is. I don’t think I will be able to complete all of this, but I am definitely trying my best and might just start a new list after this one 🙂

  2. Completely awesome list.. Just hope mine gets as interesting as I add to it.. Starting out kinda tame..

    Beautiful blog by the way..

  3. Lovely list! I’m pretty sure I can help with at least one of these goals 😀

    Also – Irregular Choice are fantastic! I have a handbag from them (not a bag girl, so it must be special!)

    1. Oh do tell, which one of the goals can you help with? I am curious now 😉

      I have some Iron Fist shoes, but at the same time adore the Irregular Choice. During the weekend of Eroticon I want to go back to Schuh on Oxford Street and buy some Irregular Choice shoes 😀

      Rebel xox

  4. This is wonderful. Love the sex bucket list – only 25??? I must admit I particularly enjoyed your writing and art lists. I think those two will feed and inspire the other activities. Grow the creative you! And again, only 25 things you like about yourself? I am certain you will find many more once you start writing. xxx
    Good luck with it all. Can’t wait to see progress. x

    1. Yep, only 25 for the sex bucket list, but I do not exclude that it might be longer than that. On the other hand, I might find it difficult to reach 25 points on the list about things I like about myself. Once I start thinking about it, I just cannot think of anything. I tried not to make this too difficult on myself. As for the art, I had to put this on here as I am stopping with going to the studio and will only paint and draw here at home. To make sure I don’t totally forget about my art, I put that on here. And the writing… well it seems I am always writing 😉

      I will blog about my progress too 😀

      Rebel xox

  5. Ha!! I love the “kiss Molly” one!!! That made me smile!

    I wish you well with this list and is is something that I may well lookin into also, though not immediately as life is so complicated!

    I can see how this can be over-thought and keeping it simple is definitely the best policy here!

    All the best and I will follow with interest!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. I think it was the kiss Molly one that had both me and Molly decide to just go ahead with the list.

      I look forward to starting with the list 🙂

      Rebel xox

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