Introducing Wicked Wednesday

Last week we were notified that on 30 May 2012, it will be the last edition of Wanton Wednesday. Even though I understand the reasons, it saddened me to see this. We were not only going to have to do without Wanton Wednesday, but in the last weeks Wank Wednesday seemed to have stopped too. ... continue reading

Beautiful nature

On our first walk to explore the park less than a kilometer from our house, we found some interesting spots. We discovered that the paths we walked along were much used by people walking their dogs or youngsters building a fire and chilling. Since it was during daytime that we walked there, we only ran ... continue reading

The first…

Today marks a special anniversary for Wanton Wednesday. It is their 100th edition and they have officially been around for 2 years! To mark this occasion, the request was to do something special. Since everyone has to start at number 1 in order to eventually reach 100, I am posting my first Scavenger Hunt to ... continue reading

Nipple torture

After we had dinner in the hotel, we returned to our room to continue with the fun that started that afternoon. Master T. made some more photos and some more orgasms followed. Leaving me lying on the couch after one of those orgasms, He walked to the bedroom where our bags were. I heard Him ... continue reading