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No Space For Sex

Written on 17.06.2017 The last months have not been easy. This might be an understatement. It started out in September 2016 when Master T started having problems with his prosthetic leg. Somewhere between then and halfway through December he also started having panic attacks and hyperventilated. He could not drive anymore, as the information from Read More


A Grounding Need

This: “Those that know me call me a masochist but I’m not sure… I like the endorphin rush and being able to take what’s given but I’m scared of the pain. Scared that it will hurt in a way that I can’t take.” This echoes exactly what I feel about pain, how I experience it Read More


Mister Silent: Anticipation

Ever since we had lunch with Mister Silent, he has been in my thoughts; in my dreams. Anticipation for our next meeting has taken over. My mind has a will of its own. Whether I am at work or in the car on my way to work, at our regular hangout or in my bed… Read More