Reflection: First Date with The Talker

Morning. Can I ask you about your part three post date with the talker? I read it last night. I confess I found it uncomfortable. It read like a disastrous session with you getting little pleasure. I want you to have fun and enjoy. I didn’t think being used regardless of your pleasure was your ... continue reading

The Talker: An Introduction (2)

Continued from… The Talker: An Introduction (1) The Talker took my hand the moment the doors closed behind us. I noticed that his hands were not much bigger than mine. “It’s so nice to finally meet you,” he said and smiled. I smiled back and echoed his words. We leaned closer and kissed. His hand ... continue reading

The Talker: An Introduction (1)

Remember my post ‘Playdates‘? At the end of it I said I would introduce Major Eric and The Talker. You’ve ‘met’ Major Eric last week and now it’s time to introduce The Talker. What is really remarkable is that both The Talker and Major Eric showed their interest in the same weekend. As I have ... continue reading