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I Will Do…

I will do what I deem necessary… Those words have been spoken to me by Master T on several occasions and recently exactly the same words came up in a online conversation between Mister Silent and me. What is it about those words that make my heart skip a beat? I have to clarify here. Read More


Mister Silent: Anticipation

Ever since we had lunch with Mister Silent, he has been in my thoughts; in my dreams. Anticipation for our next meeting has taken over. My mind has a will of its own. Whether I am at work or in the car on my way to work, at our regular hangout or in my bed… Read More


The Talker: An Introduction (2)

Continued from… The Talker: An Introduction (1) The Talker took my hand the moment the doors closed behind us. I noticed that his hands were not much bigger than mine. “It’s so nice to finally meet you,” he said and smiled. I smiled back and echoed his words. We leaned closer and kissed. His hand Read More


The Talker: An Introduction (1)

Remember my post ‘Playdates‘? At the end of it I said I would introduce Major Eric and The Talker. You’ve ‘met’ Major Eric last week and now it’s time to introduce The Talker. What is really remarkable is that both The Talker and Major Eric showed their interest in the same weekend. As I have Read More