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I Will Do…

I will do what I deem necessary… Those words have been spoken to me by Master T on several occasions and recently exactly the same words came up in a online conversation between Mister Silent and me. What is it about those words that make my heart skip a beat? I have to clarify here. Read More


Mister Silent: Anticipation

Ever since we had lunch with Mister Silent, he has been in my thoughts; in my dreams. Anticipation for our next meeting has taken over. My mind has a will of its own. Whether I am at work or in the car on my way to work, at our regular hangout or in my bed… Read More


Meet Mister Silent (2)

Continued from… Meet Mister Silent (1) Once during lunch, between the starter and the main course and while we were talking, Mister Silent leaned towards me and stroke my leg with his right hand, running his fingers up and down and probably pulling my dress up a bit more. But, it was only after our Read More


Meet Mister Silent (1)

We started following each other on Twitter years ago, Mister Silent and me. There was just something about him, something about the words he used that drew me in. He was respectful, interested, well-spoken and I wanted to know more about him. You know how it goes, that when you hear someone’s voice, you form Read More