When searching for a title for this post, I wanted it to have something to do with ‘open and close’ or ‘open and shut’ and then thought of scissors. The title ‘scissoring’ popped into my head, and because I wanted to know if it is an actual word, I searched the internet. I believe I ... continue reading

At The Stairs

After a lovely dinner, Master T and I decided to take a walk outside the hotel before we would move over to the bar for some drinks before bedtime. That afternoon we had also walked around and had seen some stairs where we wanted to make some photos for the Scavenger Hunt. That afternoon a ... continue reading

Stockings… Pantyhose… Tights

There was a time when I used to wear only pantyhose, but that has passed. I now own maybe two pairs of pantyhose and they are still new in the box, which goes to show just how frequently I wear them. Stockings and tights are a totally different thing though. I cannot remember when I ... continue reading