Squirting Galore

A weekend day, just like any other. The day spent together, just like any other weekend day. Something’s there though. Something between us. A feeling. An unspoken message. Bedtime. Ankle and wrist cuffs. Cuffs bound together. Wrist to writs. Ankle to ankle. “Bend your legs. Spread.” It starts with his hand on my clitoris, briefly. ... continue reading

Sexy fun in the hotel room

Hi again hotties! Remember last time I told you how they went out for dinner and how she had me on the table during dinner. Remember I told you that they had fun before and after dinner? I promised to tell you the story. Before dinner Rebel’s master was not happy with her not immediately ... continue reading

Female Ejaculation

As known by now, I love sex. And when I’m sexing, the bed gets wet quite frequently. I started searching the web for some more information on wet female orgasms and I found this. Female Ejaculation Commonly referred to as “squirting” or “gushing”, female ejaculation during orgasm is an often misunderstood phenomenon. For most of ... continue reading