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Hot & Cold #SoSS #15

This has been a strange week, not because of anything that happened, but of things I have discovered regarding my body. And maybe even my mind too. I sleep with earplugs to more or less mute Master T’s snoring, but it doesn’t always work. If he snores, I cannot sleep, but one night this week Read More

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Votes & Boots #SoSS #14

This has been a hectic week and I am looking forward to some downtime today, while going out for lunch with my girl Sophia and her man and visiting a sex(y) shop with them. At this shop they make cuffs and whips and clothes by hand – all with leather. I might just get myself Read More


Routine & Lust #SoSS #13

My Friday nights have very much turned into a routine – to prepare my #SoSS post for Saturday and to make sure the chosen top 3 is added to Wicked Wednesday prompt post, which will also go live in Saturday. But, before I can start on my #SoSS post, I check my mail and read Read More


Rebel’s Year in Review (Sep – Dec 2017)

Continued from… Rebel’s Year in Review (May – Aug 2017) September Favorite posts of fellow bloggers Growing Up With Hurricanes by Kayla Lords – In September 2017 the hurricane Irma caused lots of damage on Saint Martin and in Florida. I was fascinated to read these two posts by Kayla, about her history with hurricanes. Read More


The Christmas Edition #SoSS #8

Only two more days and it will be Christmas day, three more days to Boxing day and four more days, then Christmas lies behind us again. This year, the day I look forward to the most is Wednesday. I want to have Christmas behind me. We are not celebrating it at home this year like Read More


The Marathon Edition #SoSS #7

This work week was far too long and left me totally exhausted, as if I had physically run a marathon. But no, it was emotions that made me feel like that, emotions that went from anger to tears to indifference and back to anger again. But, today I want to focus on a different marathon… Read More