Silent Birthday (1)

Recently I celebrated my fiftieth birthday and where this really is a special age to reach, I normally don’t care about celebrating my birthday at all. However, ever since my forty-ninth birthday, my mom kept on telling me that I have to celebrate my fiftieth birthday, so I started making plans. I wanted to celebrate ... continue reading

Special Friend, Sophia

I have written about her before and posted images of us together, but up to now I haven’t given her a name. Today I do. I stumble out of the bedroom, still not quite awake. My eyes seem to have trouble focusing and while rubbing one of them, I walked into the kitchen to switch ... continue reading

From A Distance

This week is all about voyeurism and exhibitionism… The exhibitionism of two women… and the voyeurism of the photographer…   (click to enlarge & browse images) © Rebel’s Notes Click to see who else is playing Sinful Sunday this week: This post has been chosen by GeekyNymph as one of the top 5 for this ... continue reading

From Above

The November prompt for Sinful Sunday is: Shoot From Above. For this prompt I am using a photo from the same weekend that I used for last month’s prompt. I will always think about that weekend with fondness, and remember the moment that Master T captured on the image below. We were posing for photos, this ... continue reading