Kiss My…

There are some people in my everyday surroundings who have really pissed me off, hurt me. Instead of asking me how I am, they mistaken my silence for disinterest. Had they asked, they might have learned what is going on, but I don’t think they really want to know. It’s easier to gossip behind my ... continue reading


Beauty becomes alive and interesting when it is hidden under clothes. ~ Monica Bellucci I love that I know what is hidden beneath my clothes, especially when I see someone eyeing my cleavage… but there are time when I wish I could just show it to people, show them the parts of me I am ... continue reading

All of Me

Yesterday I was working through the email I had received with new posts on other blogs, and I gasped when I saw Honey’s Sinful Sunday post. I haven’t even read the words yet, but the photo… yes! So beautiful, so sexy! Then I read the words and I knew Honey was right: we need to ... continue reading