A Close Shave

Leo pulled me into the room the moment the door swung open. He pushed me against the closing door, covering my lips with his. His kiss was passionate, his tongue pushing into my mouth, his lips crushing mine. “I want you naked, on your back, on the bed, legs spread,” he said, breathing into my ... continue reading

Shaving vs Waxing

I can really not recall the first time I took a razor and decided it was time to rid my pussy of all its hair. I only remember that I was roundabout 20, but how I felt before and after I had shaved… i have no idea. During the years it became a habit. There ... continue reading

S is for Shaving

Men, this is actually a post more for ladies, but read on if you want… Remember the post I did about waxing, where I have finally had a waxing experience after growing my pubic hair back for a couple of months? I absolutely loved the waxing and I loved the feeling of my skin after ... continue reading