Sadness & Loss SoSS #35

This past week the sex blogging community learned that M of Cammies on the Floor has passed away. My heart broke into a million pieces. How could this happen? First her sister, and now M. How can one family go through so much? My heart goes out to them! I had always considered her a ... continue reading

Ups & Downs #SoSS #33

You might have seen my Twitter feed yesterday, where I gave you a peek into my mindset at this moment. I notice that my mood goes with ups and downs. When I’m in a up, I question myself, wondering why I see a psychologist and why I need help with my head, whether I am ... continue reading

Water & Hotness #SoSS #31

Those two do go together quite nicely, don’t they? Think about a hot summer’s day and the cool water of a swimming pool. Think about being cold and the warm water of a bath or a shower. Think about your arousal, maybe on a beach and you going into sea to cool down a bit. ... continue reading

Exposure & Voting #SoSS #30

You will find the link further on in this post, but don’t forget to hop over and vote for the three stories you like best in the fifth round of the Smut Marathon. There’s some more voting to do this week, but for that you will definitely have to read on. As for exposure… it’s ... continue reading

Feelings & Writing #SoSS #29

This week has been a week of mixed feelings. I was sad that our vacation time was over on Wednesday, but we still had fun on Tuesday when we went to a ghost town in Belgium for a day out with the cameras, and Wednesday when we had the ‘last holiday lunch’. By the end ... continue reading

Statues & Rain #SoSS #28

Yesterday, Master T and I discovered a couple of secluded spots where one could have some naughty fun. I did see a police car there too, but don’t think they will forever be patrolling there. We might have to go back there a couple of times again to investigate some more. Driving there made me ... continue reading

Protection & Symmetry #SoSS #27

I’ve been a bit stupid… I ‘forgot’ to use protection. On all laptops and computers in our house, we run Norton as for years this has protected us against viruses and malicious files. Up to maybe two years ago, maybe even three, I ran a plugin on my website to do exactly the same as ... continue reading

Breaking Down & Building Up #SoSS #26

As I start to type this, there is hammering going on above my head as Master T is breaking down what has been our closet for about 13 or 14 years. Just before he started with that, he had disassembled a dressing table and a dresser. Everything, and I really mean, everything in our room ... continue reading