The Look of Love

You’ve got the look of love It’s on your face A look that time can’t erase Baby be mine, tonight Let this be just the start of So many nights like this Let’s take a lovers vow And seal it with a kiss (The Look of Love – Dusty Springfield) Seeing his face when he ... continue reading

Kiss My…

There are some people in my everyday surroundings who have really pissed me off, hurt me. Instead of asking me how I am, they mistaken my silence for disinterest. Had they asked, they might have learned what is going on, but I don’t think they really want to know. It’s easier to gossip behind my ... continue reading


Beauty becomes alive and interesting when it is hidden under clothes. ~ Monica Bellucci I love that I know what is hidden beneath my clothes, especially when I see someone eyeing my cleavage… but there are time when I wish I could just show it to people, show them the parts of me I am ... continue reading