Scratching An Itch

“I’m done with it. Done.” Peggy looked her mirrored image in the eyes and saw the doubt that enveloped her heart. “No, Pegs, it’s been enough. You cannot go on like this.” A frown formed above the two eyebrows in front of her. She avoided looking at the eyes. Irritation flashed through her. She was ... continue reading

Twenty-One: The Magic Number

Our relationship should never have been. However, there always something that hinted that we were not in the traditional roles society might have placed him in. He was of my mother’s generation, her friend, her confidant but they drifted apart. About two years later he came looking for her, but by then she had left ... continue reading

Not Really A Gadget

gadget Noun plural noun: gadgets – a small mechanical or electronic device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one. “a variety of kitchen gadgets” synonyms: appliance, apparatus, instrument, implement, tool, utensil, contrivance, contraption, machine, mechanism, device, labour-saving device, convenience, invention, thing If you read the explanation above, it is clear that a gadget is ... continue reading

Give Us Good Smut

You might have guessed already that it’s no coincidence that the Wicked Wednesday prompt for this week is ‘marathon’. I have specifically chosen it because I wanted to use this opportunity to tell you more about the Smut Marathon. For the first time since I started this meme I am even posting my Wicked Wednesday ... continue reading