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My parents raised us with religion and we were members of the reformed church. I went through Sunday morning sermons to Sunday school afterwards and only having the Sunday afternoon to relax. Thankfully my parents never went to church twice on one day, only on Sunday mornings. As a child, I accepted what I was Read More

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High Rise

This photo brings back very fond memories… Back in 2012, with my 45th birthday, Master T surprised me with a night in a hotel. Never before have we slept anyplace else than at home, in our own bed. Both of us love being at home, in our own surroundings, but by then the youngest was Read More

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Sign Language

I bet all of you, whether a long time reader of this blog or a newcomer, recognize this tattoo. I can hardly believe that I’ve had it for 4 years already, that it’s been four years since Master T and I made our official D/s commitment. I look back on the four years and see Read More

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Writing Reviews

Remember I told you about the guy who loved to see me naked, loved to watch me masturbate, but never wanted any sex with me, any other than me sucking him and him not climaxing. He didn’t want to climax, because that would mean that he was cheating on his girlfriend. Seeing me naked, watching Read More