Love is Love

Seth slammed his fist on the stump and winced at the self-inflicted pain. He hated his mutilated body, hated the wheelchair he was confined to and hated being locked up in his house. Every day he sat on the balcony and looked out over the beach below and the blue ocean beyond. Sometimes the longing was a ... continue reading

Big Daddy

“Hello big daddy,” the tanned blond woman in a white bikini sad as she walked by. Her pink lipstick matched her shoes. The brunette next to her giggled, turned around and blew a kiss towards him. Gérard smiled as he watched them wiggling their asses from balancing on their ridiculously high heels. As far as ... continue reading


Naomi could barely suppress the nervous laughter bubbling up inside her. The last time she went to a funfair she was a child. Being this excited at the age of almost thirty almost seemed inappropriate. She looked up at the man next to her. Was it because Nick was with her? Was he the reason ... continue reading

Typing Errors

Her beautifully manicured nails clicked on the keys of the old typewriter. Next to the typewriter lay a handwritten page, handwritten by him and now typed by her, his secretary. At the top of the pages it said: use typewriter. When she had taken the piece of paper from her boss only minutes ago, he had ... continue reading

The Sign

Ever since she started taking the longer road to work, she saw the sign every day. She barely dared to look across the street, shy that someone might see her interest. She only watched porn in the privacy of her room and had seen all the movies in her collection too many times for it ... continue reading

Erotic Self Torture

This post has been written, thanks to this search term: A shower. Relaxed by the hot water. Alone in the bedroom afterwards. The ever-present Womanizer Pro on my bedside table. Naked. That sets the scene for something that has happened a couple of times now. I come from the shower, feeling warm and relaxed. My ... continue reading

Squirting Galore

A weekend day, just like any other. The day spent together, just like any other weekend day. Something’s there though. Something between us. A feeling. An unspoken message. Bedtime. Ankle and wrist cuffs. Cuffs bound together. Wrist to writs. Ankle to ankle. “Bend your legs. Spread.” It starts with his hand on my clitoris, briefly. ... continue reading

“my husband forced bdsm on me painfully”

I could have chosen any of the other search terms in the image or those I have posted for the Sexy Searching prompt, but once I read this search term, I knew this would be the one I would us: “my husband forced bdsm on me painfully”   No! This was the first that came ... continue reading


This last week I have been incredibly busy. Okay, I am always busy, that’s true. For some weeks now I have been working on a business plan as I am starting up my own company. But, that is not what kept me busy. No, it was something totally different. I saw this tweet and knew ... continue reading