Did I Orgasm?

“I will take the photos when you have showered,” Master T said on Saturday morning. We had plans to go out later on the afternoon but the morning was lazy and relaxed. It was cloudy outside, but the sun broke through halfway through the afternoon. Whether it was the ‘friendlier’ light outside or just because ... continue reading

Guilty Orgasm

I wrote an erotic story I really liked and noticed that towards the climax of the story I repeatedly pushed my legs together. My pulse seemed to be a fraction quicker than it should be; my breathing a wee bit labored. Yes, I was horny… horny by what I had written. It was time for ... continue reading

Private Moments

I started masturbating at quite a young age. I don’t think I had any orgasms back then – I was eleven – but I definitely like the feelings that ran through my body while my fingers rubbed that tender piece of flesh between my legs. Of course I always masturbated in secret, as I instinctively ... continue reading

Erotic Self Torture

This post has been written, thanks to this search term: A shower. Relaxed by the hot water. Alone in the bedroom afterwards. The ever-present Womanizer Pro on my bedside table. Naked. That sets the scene for something that has happened a couple of times now. I come from the shower, feeling warm and relaxed. My ... continue reading

He Watched Me

It started when I came out of the shower. A wave of horniness rushed through my body. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I wanted nothing more than to have an orgasm, but Master T was downstairs and I was naked. Getting dressed, going downstairs and asking for permission didn’t seem like an attractive ... continue reading

Pink Pleasure

Many months ago I did a review on the Nomi Tang Better than Chocolate clitoral vibrator. Sometimes when I did reviews, the toys disappear to the background and I don’t use them again, but that’s not the case with this one. It has brought me so much pleasure up to now and I think it ... continue reading

Self Love

This is another photo from the series made by a past friend, who loved to make photos of me, to watch me undress and just enjoy my nakedness. Our evenings together always started very innocently. He would make some coffee for the both of us and sometimes we even drank a second cup. All the ... continue reading