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Triple Dominance: Fucking & Sucking

Please note: In no way has this piece been written to offend anyone, put them in a negative light or hurt them, but only to convey my own thoughts and feelings. Continued from… Triple Dominance: Erotic Massage Before the massage and again after it, Mrs A and I both sucked Master B. She sucked his Read More

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Triple Dominance: Erotic Massage

Continued from… Triple Dominance: A Master and A Mistress There was some sucking and fondling happening on the bed. Master T sat in the chair, watching things unfold in front of him. I frequently made eye contact with Him, but also had attention for what was going on around me. Mrs A and I sucked Read More


Erotic Massage Date II

About a month before our next erotic massage date with Master B, I received my new set of exercises. The moment I read what I had to do, I panicked. Immediately I told Master B how this exercise made me feel and how I don’t like having all attention directed at me. That evening Master Read More