Our Kind Of Monogamy

In recent weeks, even months, I have seen several discussions on social media about monogamy, as well as several articles in the media on the same subject. Reading the words of others, it made me think of our relationship, that of Master T and myself. How should we describe our relationship? Before I share my Read More


Celebrating love

Copied from The Huffington Post: Valentine’s day isn’t all about roses, candy, and expensive dinners. It has a historical background too. Contrary to what some may believe, Valentine’s Day wasn’t created by greetings card companies just to sell cards and candies. It’s actually a church sanctioned holiday, as Pope Gelasius deemed February 14 St. Valentine’s Read More


Different kinds of submissives

Months ago, when this idea popped into my head, I made a note about wanting to write about the different kinds of subs out there. Two years into this lifestyle, which also means two years into reading blogs and tweets of other submissives, have me amazed at the different kinds of people we are. There’s Read More


HNT8: Love, Submission & Commitment

Found on the internet when I searched “symbolism of BDSM symbol”: The emblem emerged in the 1990s from the discussion arenas of America Online and Usenet, and is gaining some currency, particularly in the mixed online community. The design is by Steve Quagmyr, who explains: ‘We wanted something that BDSM’ers could wear discreetly to recognize Read More