LCHF #15: Fighting Demons

Continued from LCHF #14: Three Weeks Apparently my body is really taking its time to adjust to my new weight, because losing weight is going incredibly slow. Since my last post on 15 November I have only lost half a kilogram, which really is not much. I hoped to have lost 15 kilograms by Christmas, ... continue reading

LCHF #13: Historical Numbers

Continued from LCHF #12: Changing Numbers Again In the past two weeks I have more or less maintained my weight and I think this is because of our vacation time, and me eating ‘differently’ than I normally would. Some days I eat only breakfast and dinner, and that definitely has its influence, as has the ... continue reading

LCHF #12: Changing Numbers Again

Continued from LCHF #11: Cramps & Constipation As said at the end of my last diet post, I stopped with the magnesium and thankfully the cramps haven’t returned. Just like the first time that I took magnesium and noticed that I didn’t lose any weight anymore, this time was the same. A day or two ... continue reading