Marked Black

On this day in 2011… … I wrote about the special bench Master T and I have in Rotterdam. This was from our days that we were still dating sporadically, long before we officially had a relationship. Every time we drive by the bench, we mention the time we sat there together, with his hand ... continue reading

Eighty Orgasms

On this day in 2012… … I again posted another image from the series we have made during our first hotel stay. This one shows me on the floor, totally fucked out after hours of… well, fucking. On this day in 2014… … I wrote about how sometimes I feel insecure and how Master helps ... continue reading

Full Exposure

On this day in 2011… … I wrote about the next step in our D/s relationship, but also about the doubts I had and how Master T erased those doubts in a few simple words. Our D/s relationship is still incredibly strong and will be strong for as long as we live. I will always be ... continue reading