20160130 (56wm) day collar febphotofest

Toy Box: Day Collar Again

I have posted an image of my newest day collar earlier this month, but this close-up was so beautiful that I wanted to share it too! With this image, I conclude this year’s February Photofest, which is an idea of the lovely Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss. This is the third consecutive year I have Read More

20160130 (17)wm ball gag

Toy Box: Ball Gag

Master T loves to use the gag on me. It doesn’t really keep me quiet, since I can still make sounds, but none of those sounds are coherent. We recently acquired another gag, which is totally different than this one and about which I will write a post in the coming week. If I have Read More

20160221 (5)wm beard mustache MasterT

Facial Hair

Do you love a man with a full thick beard, or maybe a mustache? What about a neatly trimmed goatee or is a full set of side burns? Do you love a man with 5 o’clock shadow or maybe you prefer him cleanly shaven? What it is about his facial hair, or lack of that Read More


Streets of Fire

I am sharing another bit of history with you this week. This time I want to share something happy with you, after sharing experiences of 20+ years ago, and childhood memories with you last week. When Master T and I started chatting with each other back in 2002, we were just like any other two people Read More

20151101 (40a)wm scavenger hunt escalator

Moving Stairs

In this Scavenger Hunt notch I am still in the same lobby as I was last week, but on the other side of it. I told you there was an escalator too and of course I wasn’t going to skip this as a location, even though the escalator wasn’t working at that moment. See those lifts in Read More

20160221 (9)wm womanizer pro pussy piercing

Erotic Self Torture

This post has been written, thanks to this search term: A shower. Relaxed by the hot water. Alone in the bedroom afterwards. The ever-present Womanizer Pro on my bedside table. Naked. That sets the scene for something that has happened a couple of times now. I come from the shower, feeling warm and relaxed. My Read More

Womanizer Pro

Toy Box: Womanizer

You all know I am a huge fan of the Doxy Massager, but I can only use it when there’s either no children in the house (which never happens) or when we’re in a hotel. However, I recently acquired the Womanizer Pro and really, besides the Doxy, this is a toy that EVERY woman should Read More