Today is the first day of February and it’s the first Sunday of the month. The first Sunday of the month means that we have been set an optional prompt for Sinful Sunday, and this time the prompt was ‘abstract photography’. I always try to post a photo that fits in with the prompt, as ... continue reading

Cuffs ‘n heels (#febphotofest)

Today is the last day of Molly’s febphotofest and I am proud to say that I have managed to share at least one sexy photo with you every day. Most of those have come from our archives and I am so happy that I have at last found a reason to share some of the ... continue reading

Party On!

Who wants to party with me? Not only is it my birthday, but also this domain’s. One of us turns two today… can you guess who? You can click the photo to enlarge some of the party ingredients… This photo is also place in collaboration with the #febphotofest. Click the button below to see who ... continue reading

Reflection (#febphotofest)

The very first time we booked into a hotel and left the kids at home for one night (don’t worry, they are of the age that they can definitely take care of themselves for one night), we made a lot of photos. This one has been sitting in the archives, waiting for the moment it ... continue reading

Pub Flash

Every Thursday and some Saturdays we go to our local pub. It’s in our local shopping center and only open when the shops are open. Twice a year they have a ‘shopping Sunday’ and then we always try to go there too. The bar can be seen from the passage way between the shops and ... continue reading

Black & red (#febphotofest)

Today I am sharing another photo from our archives. This time was made in the summer of 2013 (that sounds long ago, right?) during one of our special dates. I’ve played around with the background of the photo. © Rebel’s Notes Click to see who else is participating in the #febphotofest ... continue reading


Now, I really was not looking to buy any Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise, but once I got the crop I was quite impressed with it. Even more so when Master T used it on me the first time. It had quite a bite in it that had me flinching away from it and Him ... continue reading

Cornered (#febphotofest)

I looked through our archives for more photos to share and came across this one that was made the last time we stayed in our favorite hotel in Rotterdam. I was in the corner, on the couch and playing around with the Icicles no. 5. A storm was raging outside, but inside things were heated ... continue reading

My first contract

As you might know, one of my ambitions is to be a published author. In the strictest sense of the word, I am a published author, but that is of two books I have self-published several years ago. It’s very easy to decide for yourself that your story is good enough to be published. At ... continue reading