Curious Girl

“Can I watch? Oh please, say I can, please! Please, please!” Neena’s excited voice made Tom smile. The last couple of weeks she had started to show more interest in what he did with his other slaves. Not that Neena was technically a slave of him. No, their arrangement was only for him to give ... continue reading

Water & Hotness #SoSS #31

Those two do go together quite nicely, don’t they? Think about a hot summer’s day and the cool water of a swimming pool. Think about being cold and the warm water of a bath or a shower. Think about your arousal, maybe on a beach and you going into sea to cool down a bit. ... continue reading

Doctor, Doctor!!

So what about you and role playing? Do you love to slip into your nurses outfit or police uniform? Does role playing fit into your relationship/dynamic? Do you have a favourite role or scene or have you explored multiples. Do you actually rope play a whole scene or is dressing up the only aspect you ... continue reading

Smut Relay Part 1 – The Forbidden Beach

“No! No! Please don’t. Please take me but leave her alone? Please!” “What the fuck? Ye callin’ me a faggot?” Richard cringed away when the pirate raised his hand in a threat. Even though he was in a cage, he feared the blows from this savage man. His chin still hurt where the fist landed ... continue reading

Kiss My…

There are some people in my everyday surroundings who have really pissed me off, hurt me. Instead of asking me how I am, they mistaken my silence for disinterest. Had they asked, they might have learned what is going on, but I don’t think they really want to know. It’s easier to gossip behind my ... continue reading

Exposure & Voting #SoSS #30

You will find the link further on in this post, but don’t forget to hop over and vote for the three stories you like best in the fifth round of the Smut Marathon. There’s some more voting to do this week, but for that you will definitely have to read on. As for exposure… it’s ... continue reading