Weighty Nipples

Grace stood naked in front of him, tied to the Andreas cross. He heard her quick breathing. She knew what he had in mind. They had been talking about this for a long time. Her loud breathing revealed that she was nervous, but he also smelled her arousal surrounding them. Without touching her, he knew ... continue reading

Ten Minutes

“Ten minutes.” “Oh no, please,” Valery begged, “ten minutes is far too long. Five is more than enough.” “Valery, ten minutes.” With these words Victor turned the egg-shaped kitchen timer to ten minutes and put it on the far corner of the dining room table. Listening to the rhythmic ticking of the timer, Valery considered ... continue reading

Scampi Soup

Warning: Contains scenes with urine and humiliation Master Lloyd had invited two of his regular slaves for lunch. He had decided on a salad with scampi. Judy was the first to ring the bell. He saw her on the monitor and buzzed the front door open. As were his rules, she undressed in the hallway ... continue reading

Mischievous Girl

Warning: Contains scenes with urine We had been friends for as long as I could remember. We have never been intimate. Not that I didn’t want to, but Emily was my friend and touching her in any sexual way would ruin our friendship. Of that I was sure. We had just watched a couple of ... continue reading

A Hard Caning

A week ago Rose made this appointment with him. She wanted to be hurt. Really hurt. She wanted to feel the pain. Deep. Intense. Now here, in his house, on her back on the bed in his ‘dungeon’, Rose was nervous. What did he had in mind? No. She didn’t want to know what he ... continue reading

Hotness In The Sauna

It became a habit. Three times a week we went to the fitness club. We both had a subscription and we wanted to get value for our money. Three times a week seemed feasible, as we both worked part-time. Our fitness days mostly followed the same routine. Roudabout ten in the morning I waited in ... continue reading

Two Mistresses

Warning: The story contains some hard scenes. It has taken some time for him to plan it, but finally Gavin had decided on the punishment that Evy will have to endure for her indiscretion some weeks ago. He wanted it to be hard, but also something she would remember in a positive way. Therefore he ... continue reading

Working late

Jakko slammed his fist on the table. “Dammit!” He had been sitting here with the same spreadsheet for hours and just couldn’t get the numbers to add up. Somewhere he had a wrong formula or a miscalculation and he had not been able to trace it yet. Jakko dropped his head in his hands. Out ... continue reading