Afternoon Fuck

This past couple of weeks, while I was recovering from my injury, many things came to a stand still. But , as I was getting more mobile and in a much better frame of mind, Master T decided it was time to get me back in line again. He first just made a casual mention ... continue reading

Size Matters Twisted Triplets Nipple and Clit Suckers

I have always wanted to experience the feeling of nipple and clit suckers and when the opportunity arose to choose this from the ÜberKinky’s catalog to review, I was quite excited to test them. Packaging & Contents I was surprised when I received the tiny box, as I have actually thought it would be bigger. ... continue reading

Fantasy: Nipple torture and girl love

I was between orgasms, pinching and pulling my nipples as ordered by Master T, looking down towards my spread legs and watching His hand on my pussy when suddenly I had an image in my mind. A delicious image, if I may add. Yes, in a flash, I fantasized about Dena and something I would ... continue reading