Fishnet Frenzy

I love fishnets! LOVE. I have fishnet tights, fishnet stockings, fishnet body stockings, fishnet dresses and recently acquired myself some fishnet gloves. I especially love the traditional diamond shaped fishnets. There is something just so sexy to them. Back in my younger days and up to maybe not even so many years ago, fishnets were ... continue reading

Closet Girl

closet girl a polite term meaning that a girl is highly sexually active and just doesn’t let others know about it. Source: Urban dictionary © Rebel’s Notes PS: Don’t forget to hop over and enter for the Smut Marathon 2018! Click to see who else is playing Sinful Sunday this week:   ... continue reading

Natural Habitat

There’s just something about being naked in nature… I love the smell of nature, I love to feel the breeze kiss my skin, I love to hear the sounds of birds in the trees, And what I love the most, is that someone just might see me. © Rebel’s Notes Click to see who else ... continue reading