Mom’s Birthday

I know, the title of this post doesn’t sound as if it has anything to do with masturbation, but believe me, it does. I have noticed something strange… I went through a couple of months where I was almost compulsive about masturbating. I knew Master T was not up to anything due to the stupid ... continue reading

Birthday Girl

You don’t get older, you just get better. ~ Shirley Bassey All I want to do today is to turn my back on the world and wait for this day to pass. What I will do, however, is to have cake and snacks with my husband, kids, grandkids and my best friend, because they will ... continue reading

Silent Birthday (3)

Continued from… Silent Birthday (2) It must have been before the teen interrupted us that Mister Silent turned my chair and started hitting my already sensitive pussy with the flogger. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. In fact, I actually liked it, because even though he used a heavy flogger, he ... continue reading

Silent Birthday (1)

Recently I celebrated my fiftieth birthday and where this really is a special age to reach, I normally don’t care about celebrating my birthday at all. However, ever since my forty-ninth birthday, my mom kept on telling me that I have to celebrate my fiftieth birthday, so I started making plans. I wanted to celebrate ... continue reading


Seven years! I can’t believe my blog is actually seven years old today. It’s a magic number, don’t you think? Seven… the number seems to represents a perfect number, a form of completion. But, there is nothing ‘complete’ about Rebel’s Notes. It’s an ongoing work and I have at least seven years more of content inside ... continue reading