Sucking Mister Silent


Sixty nine is when two people adopt a position so that each persons mouth is near the other persons genitals and oral sex is performed simultaneously. The people are therefore mutually inverted like the numerals 6 and 9 thus giving rise to the name 69. There are a variety of different position this can be Read More

Winter Wonderland

Kinky Christmas… or not…

Every year when the Christmas time draws nearer, I start to drag my feet. I love the shorter winter days, even when they are grey with clouds or fog, but one thing I hate about Christmas are the things you have to do. It’s expected that everyone celebrate Christmas together. Now don’t get me wrong: Read More

Pubic hair in sepia

Pubic Disturbance

He wanted her to grow her pubic hair. He didn’t ask. He didn’t insist. He suggested. “I wonder what it would look like if you grow your pubic hair.” That’s all he said while he softly ran his finger down her slit, just not parting her labia. Lee-Anne shivered, partly because she longed for his Read More