Z is for Zipper

Finding a word that start with the letter Z was the most difficult of all of the words. I have found a couple of interesting words, like ‘zaftig’ that comes from the German word ‘saftig’ and it is an adjective describing a woman having a full, rounded figure. A plump woman. Another interesting word was ... continue reading

Book review: The Young Wife by Ida T. Heurtze

The book: I have posted a excerpt of this book on this website some months ago and wanted to read the full book to do a review. The Young Wife is a book with a size just bigger than A5 but smaller than A4, with an all black cover. The front has a beautiful photo of ... continue reading

X marks the spot

The first gate opened. Kaylee followed the guard to the second gate. She had a slight smile on her face. Soon she would be free. Free after twenty years of being imprisoned for something she had not done. Thankfully justice had finally prevailed. Nervously she held her hands on her thighs to keep her skirt ... continue reading

V is for Vagina

There are so many words that I could have used for the letter ‘V’ that would have been less obvious to choose than ‘vagina’. Vanilla, viagra, vampire, vamp, vibrator, victory, vegetable, vitamins, voyeur, vulva, voluptuous, virgin… those are just a few that I found in a list I consulted. But, I chose ‘vagina’. Why? From ... continue reading

T is for Terminal

T could have been for training, tongue, tits or threesome. But like with some other letters, one word shot into my mind the moment I saw the letter and no matter what I did, I could not forget it. Maybe the Wicked Wednesday prompt for this week had something to do with it. Fifteen years ... continue reading