Alice’s Wonderland

Alice tried to remember who had given her the key. The old, bronze key with its elegant arches could have been a piece of art instead of a functional object as it lay there in the palm of her hand. The beauty of the key, however, wasn’t part of Alice’s thoughts. Nagging thoughts not forming ... continue reading

Fucking Snow

Gregor glanced back to see if Irina was still following him. She stumbled through the snow, clutching her cloak around her. The hood of the cloak had fallen backwards, revealing her raven black hair. Her cheeks were red and flushed and tears have dried on her cheeks. Gregor waited until Irina reached him. He grabbed ... continue reading

Shall We Dance?

From behind her mask Annabelle watched the others dance an old-fashioned minuet. This party was only for the best of the best. The richest of the rich. The only reason she had been invited was because her father was the vice president of the pharmaceutical company whose sponsoring this evening. She had been here for ... continue reading

Beware of the Leopard

“I feel ridiculous,” Dionah moaned. “O come, this is fun,” Anjie said, “let’s just go with the flow.” “Serious? You call this fun?” Dionah stopped in the middle of the street and moving her hands up and down, gestured to her ‘attire’. “Granted,” Anjie said with a giggle, “we do look a bit funny.” “A ... continue reading

X marks the spot

The first gate opened. Kaylee followed the guard to the second gate. She had a slight smile on her face. Soon she would be free. Free after twenty years of being imprisoned for something she had not done. Thankfully justice had finally prevailed. Nervously she held her hands on her thighs to keep her skirt ... continue reading