Master Douglas (2) – Wife Jenna

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. Continued from… Master Douglas (1): An introduction Jenna is the wife of Douglas and when she met him, had no experience at all with BDSM. He introduced her Read More

Histoire d'O - charm and terror

The Story of O (6) – Sweet Terror

Allow me to talk about aspects of our relationship, the fascination I have for Histoire d’O and the similarities between the two. I frequently call the movie my ‘training video’. Each time I see it, I discover more aspects of my submissive self. Continued from… The Story of O (5) – To Be Used O Read More

ring piercing

Ring Focus

“Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you.” We both look at our 18-year old teen with expectation. “I have thought about it long and hard and I have decided that I want my nipples pierced.” Let me give you some background. Our teen is incredibly open with us, which really is wonderful. She discusses Read More