Sexy fun in the hotel room

Hi again hotties! Remember last time I told you how they went out for dinner and how she had me on the table during dinner. Remember I told you that they had fun before and after dinner? I promised to tell you the story. Before dinner Rebel’s master was not happy with her not immediately ... continue reading

Dinner out

Hi sexy readers, Let me tell you about the first time that Rebel woman took me out for dinner with her husband. First I had to go with them to the writing meeting Rebel organizes every two months. She allowed me to sit on the table and watch her, but that’s about it. She was ... continue reading

Visiting a sex shop

Hello new friends, Two weeks ago I introduced myself to you, as a new addition to Rebel’s sex life. What’s that? Oh you thought I was ‘but a silly puppet’? No my dears, that Rebel has to take me everywhere she goes. Okay, not everywhere. I don’t want to be involved in her vanilla life. ... continue reading