Scampi Soup

Warning: Contains scenes with urine and humiliation Master Lloyd had invited two of his regular slaves for lunch. He had decided on a salad with scampi. Judy was the first to ring the bell. He saw her on the monitor and buzzed the front door open. As were his rules, she undressed in the hallway ... continue reading

Diversity & Trust #SoSS #22

Two of the posts I have chosen for my roundup of this week are highlighted in the title of this post. I am not going to talk about the ‘trust’ part of the title, but do want to talk about diversity. In the image, you see Molly and Cara and it is a STRIKING image. ... continue reading

Love Hotels, Hate Traveling

I love an overnight hotel stay. I love if that hotel is driving distance from our home. I love when that hotel is in England, when we go to Eroticon. I loved back when I traveled to New York or Las Vegas that I stayed in hotels. I hate traveling. Okay, that’s a bit too ... continue reading

#30DayOrgasmFun First Week

As you know, during the #30DayOrgasmFun challenge I am also trying to get back to the LCHF way of eating. This past week, from Tuesday 3 April to Monday 9 April, I have kept track of my wanking, my orgasms and my food. I can be very short on the latter. I have really tried. ... continue reading

Do You Still Know How?

I was already in bed before Master T, as is our usual routine. There was no need for me to do anything about an orgasm, as I had already had one earlier that day. The day before I had mentioned to Master T that I have orgasms, and he asked me if I was even ... continue reading

Art & History #SoSS #21

April is only seven days old and it’s evident that this will be a busy reading month. Many bloggers are participating in the A to Z Bogging challenge, including myself. But, that’s not the only challenge of this month, because bloggers are also participating in Tabitha’s #30DayOrgasmFun and blogging about that. I have noticed that ... continue reading


Arousal. It’s one of those things that is sometimes difficult to define. I read those words a couple of times as I wondered just how I can define my own arousal. My thoughts wandered to how I have many times wished that I had known my body better when I was younger. It’s only in ... continue reading

Prompted! A Catastrophe?

For the sake of some kind of closure, or to make the circle round, or for whatever reason you can come up with, I wanted to write this post. Back in 2015 Oleander Plume had a competition where we could choose an item from her list and write a story. I wrote the story ‘Bare ... continue reading