Curious Girl

“Can I watch? Oh please, say I can, please! Please, please!” Neena’s excited voice made Tom smile. The last couple of weeks she had started to show more interest in what he did with his other slaves. Not that Neena was technically a slave of him. No, their arrangement was only for him to give ... continue reading

Smut Relay Part 1 – The Forbidden Beach

“No! No! Please don’t. Please take me but leave her alone? Please!” “What the fuck? Ye callin’ me a faggot?” Richard cringed away when the pirate raised his hand in a threat. Even though he was in a cage, he feared the blows from this savage man. His chin still hurt where the fist landed ... continue reading

Man In Black

Daria sensed someone looking at her. Her heart missed a beat when she slowly looked up and noticed the pitch black fabric in front of her. Following the line of the jacket, breathing in the stark white of his shirt, her eyes finally rested on his green eyes. An amused smile curled the corners of ... continue reading


“Come on, Mills,” Peter said, his voice laced with suppressed irritation, “I am trying to read the paper.” For only a split-second Millie looked at him, but then she bent over him again and shower his head with kisses. “But I just looooooovvvvveeeee you sooooooo much,” she sang, giggling as she saw the corner of ... continue reading

Greedy Little Slut

She smiled at him when she entered the bedroom. To get to her side of the bed she had to pass him, where he sat in his recliner. Paul grabbed the fabric of her skirt to stop her. “Hey, come on!” Carry said, with a half-smile, but also with a bit of irritation shining through ... continue reading


“You’ve got that horny look in your eyes,” Vincent says when he sees the expression on Lotte’s face. “Who? Me?” she asks quasi-innocent. God, I would love to fuck her right now. Vincent pushes the thought away. “Yes, YOU, miss Innocence!” He sits down in his recliner and grabs the newspaper from the side table. ... continue reading

Weighty Nipples

Grace stood naked in front of him, tied to the Andreas cross. He heard her quick breathing. She knew what he had in mind. They had been talking about this for a long time. Her loud breathing revealed that she was nervous, but he also smelled her arousal surrounding them. Without touching her, he knew ... continue reading

Ten Minutes

“Ten minutes.” “Oh no, please,” Valery begged, “ten minutes is far too long. Five is more than enough.” “Valery, ten minutes.” With these words Victor turned the egg-shaped kitchen timer to ten minutes and put it on the far corner of the dining room table. Listening to the rhythmic ticking of the timer, Valery considered ... continue reading