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Denied Touch

“Will you deny yourself the pleasure of a man’s touch forever?” The four friends look at each other and then burst out laughing. “No, serious,” Elly said, “that really is the question?” She quickly pulled the card from Rowena’s hand, turned it around and read. “Damn, that really is the question.” “Okay, okay, I will Read More

Zen Nudist

Articulated Moments

“Bend over.” Each word was articulated perfectly and accentuated by the hand that lay in the small of her back. Suze slowly bent forward. Even though he held power over her – and he knew that – her defiant nature was never easily subdued. Brad smiled behind her back. He never encouraged her resistance, but Read More

phone sex

Easy Money

“Is your hand between your legs?” “Yes, baby, I’m touching myself.” “And your other hand?” “I’m playing with my nipple.” “Are you wet?” “Yes, baby, I am. So wet, wet for you.” “I’m hard.” “Mmmm that’s good.” “Where’s your hand?” “Around the shaft. Stroking slowly.” “How does it feel?” “So good. Push a finger in Read More

car keys

His Car Keys

The sound of his car keys clattering into the bowl on the table in the hallway was the sound she waited for every afternoon. He always followed the same routine. Roundabout six in the afternoon his car would pull into the driveway. Two minutes later she would hear his key scratching as it entered and Read More


Yellow Cab Service

The instant Hailey shut the door behind her and saw the cab driver, he reminded her of her need to get home. Her nipples pressed hard against the smooth creme-colored fabric of her Marilyn Monroe dress. Piercing blue eyes looked deep into her soul. “Where to, Miss?” His words were more than just a question. Read More

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Finally A Prostitute (4)

Continued from… Finally A Prostitute (3) The next half an hour was a blur. Gabrielle lay naked across Steve’s lap. The bed supported her upper body. Her toes just barely touched the floor. Her legs were slightly apart; her buttocks entirely exposed to him. His left hand rested firm between Gabrielle’s shoulder blades. His right Read More