double penetration

After dedicating February Photofest 2017 to the history of my seven years of blogging, I decided to do the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2017 in a similar way. Similar, not the same.

When one speak of penetration, many people only think about a penis entering a vagina, but there are many other ways to be penetrated. Feeling a finger slipping into my cunt or ass – that is penetration too. The same when I am fucked with a dildo – that is penetration too. For this post, I will concentrate on penetration by a penis.

Vaginal penetration

Yesterday my post was about orgasms. I can almost never reach an orgasm only by penetration, I need more. The only way for me to reach an orgasm this way is when I have already climaxed many times and am then fucked. When my vaginal walls are sensitive from all those orgasms, penis in vagina sex can being me to an orgasm. Combine penetration with stimulation of my clitoris or pinching my nipples, and I will most likely reach an orgasm.

Anal penetration

I absolutely love anal sex. It has been a thing from the moment I lost my anal virginity. I love feeling a cock slipping into my ass, even if it hurts in the beginning, but eventually I want it to pound me hard and bring me to orgasm. It’s not only a cock in my ass that I like. I also like to have my ass fingered or a dildo pushed inside. Or a butt plug. As I have said: I love anal sex.

Double penetration

This is still on my fucketlist, as it has been a fantasy for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I even dream about it, to be penetrated by two men at the same time, to have them use my body for their own pleasure and because of that giving me pleasure too. Master T has said more than one that one man is not enough for me. I know he meant it in a different way, but when I read those words I cannot help but think about my desire to be fucked by two men. Maybe one day we can make this happen.


Since we are on the subject of penetration, I want to say that we are all about safe sex, which means that Master T is the only man with who I have sex without a condom. All other men we date with are allowed to fuck me any way they want, but they have to use a condom. Only when I suck them they don’t have to use a condom, but vaginal and anal penetration must always be done with a condom.

Ass to pussy

Another thing I want to add here is that never, but absolutely never should a man fuck a woman in the ass and then push his cock into her vagina without changing a condom or cleaning himself. The reason for this is that there is a huge risk for a terrible infection. I’ve had this in the past and once it took weeks for the infection to be cured, only because a man didn’t know that he cannot do this. Please men, remember never to go from pussy to ass!

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