Come bathe with me in candlelight…

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This post was chosen as one of Molly’s top 5 for week 299. This is what she said:

C is for candlelight but I again I think that is obvious and oh my what a beautiful image of Rebel this is. I love the dark golden tones and the way the candlelight is giving her skin a beautiful soft sheen. Also the way the shadows are framing her body and accentuating her curves is stunning.

Click to see who else is playing Sinful Sunday this week:

Sinful Sunday

The photo in this post was used as a prompt for week 148 of Masturbation Monday. I love Kayla’s words with the introduction:

Marie Rebelle was one of the first sex bloggers I followed and Masturbation Monday is based (in part) on her Wicked Wednesday blogging meme. So when she was willing to share some of her images with me for you, I jumped on that offer quicker than I jump on John Brownstone’s cock.

27 thoughts on “Candlelight

  1. Jo says:

    Ungh – this is SO fucking hot!!! There’s something that feels spiritual or sacred in this photo, but in a completely erotic way – I love it. Beautiful. Happy New Year, Marie! x

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