Turn Around & Start Again

In some previous posts I touched on the fact that I had been think about making life easier for myself so I have more time for writing. There were just too many blogs needing my attention and where I enjoyed working on every one of them, it was time for me to re-evaluate the things I do. It was time to literally turn around and start again. Many of those changes have already happened…

Author site

In my post ‘My True Identity‘ I mentioned that I am done with hiding and that my author site would disappear. Where once I have considered to take down Rebel’s Notes, I am now embracing my identity and decided to move all the posts on my author site back to this one. In the meantime, I have done that, and in the future (more about this under the heading ‘Rebel’s Notes’) my author posts will have a more prominent place.

Rebel’s Sexy Memes

As all of you know I host Wicked Wednesday every week. When Chloë of Wank of the Day decided to stop with the Sexy Searching meme, I asked her if I could take it over. I didn’t want the monthly prompt posts on Rebel’s Notes and decided to create a new site for this meme. I was already hosting The Menopause Diaries and The Oral Sex Project too. The last two were on Rebel’s Notes, but I moved them to ‘Rebel’s Sexy Memes’ too.

The image shows the icons of four different things I am working on. It's time to start again.Since the Sexy Searching Meme never really grew bigger, no matter how much I promoted it, I told Chloë that I would stop with it and that she could host it again if she wanted. She suggested that I make it an open ended meme like The Menopause Diaries and The Oral Sex Project. At first I felt nothing for this, but giving it some thought had me changing my mind. I moved these three memes to the Wicked Wednesday site:

  • The Menopause Diaries – Are you in (peri)menopause or are you in a relationship with someone who is? Please share your experiences, your thoughts and your questions.
  • The Oral Sex Project – Do you like fellatio? Cunnilingus? Do you have sexy stories to tell about oral sex, whether true or fiction? Share it with us.
  • Sexy Searching – Use the search terms on your website to write about those subjects your readers are the most interested in.

Please join in with these memes.

Rebel’s Notes

Now I’ve had my doubts about Rebel’s Notes for quite some time, and here I specifically mean the design, not the continued existence of the blog. I knew some things needed to change, but I just didn’t know what.

After Eroticon I decided to ask Molly and Michael to review my site. They spent a considerable amount of time to work through my site and make notes about things they thought I could change and improve. Then, in an hour long video call, they explained those things to me, step by step. After the video call they sent me their written report. All of this was done for a very reasonable price and I can definitely recommend their service!

In the meantime, I have already started to change some things on the site, but all of those are changes you might not even have noticed, or will notice when I have made more changes. The one change you will definitely notice and which I have saved for later in the year is to change the theme of my site. The current one just doesn’t work properly for me anymore as it has quite a bit of limitations where mobile sites are concerned. I have already decided which theme I want, but I need to have the time to develop it properly, which will only be when we have a vacation again sometime in September or October. I hope that this new theme will give me some more flexibility with my site.

Behind the scenes I have added some necessary plugins, of which I have learned in Michael’s session at Eroticon. Those are the changes you might not notice but that are necessary to make my site work better for you.

So you see, it’s all busy times over here, but busy times now means that soon I will have more than enough time to write and continue working on my second book, which will be semi-autobiographical.
Sometimes it’s just necessary to re-evaluate, turn around and start again!

© Rebel’s Notes

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