Hotel Windows

Full length image in front of hotel window

This image was made about six months ago, in a hotel, where we had a room on the twentieth floor.

20151030 (2)wm full length
Enjoying the scenery
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This weekend we are staying in a hotel again and of course pictures will be takenn.

I might just mirror this one again when I look out over a beautiful English city.

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14 thoughts on “Hotel Windows

  1. Gorgeous! I love hotels and I love the way you are framed in the window here. You look so lovely and there is a wistful quality about the image that I love.

  2. Lucky you, our room had smallish windows and not much natural light and we didn’t take a single picture which is shame but we did have a lot of other fun


  3. Jo says:

    This is so lovely – we have the best view of all. Standing naked in a window feels so good – like you’re daring the world to look at you – to really see you. It always turns me on!

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