Third Christmas Day

The last two days I posted some Christmas images for…

… the First Christmas Day and…

… the Second Christmas Day.

But it seems that this year, we also have a Third Christmas Day.

I have heard several people discussing their plans for Christmas and some of them said:
‘On the third Christmas day, we are going to…’

Now apparently, when the 27th of December falls in the weekend and we don’t have to work, some people call it the third Christmas Day. For Sinful Sunday I have decided to do this too and post one last 2015 Christmas image…

20151221 (17wm) Christmas
What do you think this reindeer is so happy about?
(click to enlarge)

And can we now get back to a normal routine again?

Oh no wait, we still have to do New Year’s Eve!

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This post made it into Molly’s top 5 with the following comment:

What a truly fabulous image. Now this is my kind of winter Christmas scene, the little figures, the lights, the snow all set against a very naughty background of sexy thighs and a beautiful pussy. Clever idea brilliantly done.